5 Common Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Windows

A broken window is without any doubt, the last thing that you need in your house. What if you could anticipate a broken window even before it was broken? Believe it or not, there exist some clear signs for that to be detected. Read on to know the 5 signs to look out for before seeking glass replacement services Brisbane:

1. Difficulty in Opening

Facing difficulty while opening the window is perhaps the easiest sign to notice. There could be many causes behind a window that fails to open easily. Nevertheless, if shower screen repairs Brisbane doesn’t solve it, then replacing it is the only option. Forcefully opening the window could make you accidentally hit the windowpane or result in the pane detaching and break.

2. Escaped Draft of Air

It is not always the easiest to notice this sign, specifically if you sit away from the window. Even if you can feel the draft of air, it is significant to know if it is coming from the frame or the panel. A loose pane can be fixed easily, either manually or with some adhesive. Air escaping from a glass panel, on the other hand, can’t be fixed at home. It is best to replace it now or the pane with only loosen further before ultimately breaking.

3. Doesn’t block sound

Windows are designed to close completely, packing the house and leaving no gaps whatsoever. However, if you can still hear noise from outside, it means that your window is not closing fully. Even before it turns into a major issue, noise from outside is still a big nuisance. Luckily, this problem can often be solved by filling the gap with some material. But in case that doesn’t work, you must be on the safer side and replace the window altogether.

4. Moist Windows

Moisture in your windows or shower screens Capalaba is never a good sign. In the case of a double-glazed window, moisture between the panes is known as a “blown” window. There are several reasons for it, ranging from incorrect installation to simply old age. If it is caused by damaged seals, then that could be corrected by simply replacing the seal between the panels. Nevertheless, for any other cause, replacing the whole window is the best course of action.

5. Old Age of the windows

Like everything else, windows become prone to issues as they get old. Typically, a window lasts for 12-15 years, beyond which it is bound to cause issues. Hence, if your windows are older as compared to this, replacing them might be a good option for you. In case you don’t know exactly how old they are, look for wear or tear in the windows; there are unmistakable signs of age that could be identified easily.


A good window is significant for a good home. By being aware of these 5 signs, one can understand the various kinds of faults that could impact the windows. We hope you now know when exactly to seek glass replacement Capalaba for your windows.