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Quick Tips to Clean Shower Mold

Shower and shower door may develop mold over a period of time. And, no matter how much time and effort you spend cleaning it, some mold may grow, especially during colder months. The moment it begins to grow, it will not take much longer before it may spread to every crevice and corner. Not only […]

4 Modern Uses of Tinted and Frosted Glass

The most useful feature that glass offers is clarity. When the surface of the glass is spick and span, you will get a perfect view of the outside world. Clean and clear glass can also be used for a great display. You can contact River City Glass for expert Glass Repairs in Brisbane Southside. When […]

Significance of Toughened Glass for Domestic Roof Lights

Windows have emerged as indispensable elements in your home that let you build a relationship with the outside world. However, these windows should not be equipped with prison type grilles just to ensure the safety of your family. Toughened glass gained huge popularity and you can find them in several unique shapes and sizes. You […]

4 Advantages of Security Screens

It is important to make the right investment decisions in your home and how to save on expenditures. Many Australian homeowners remain concerned about this. But, now you can finally stop worrying about Window Security Screens Brisbane. When you own a home, it becomes one of the major single investments that everyone strives for. Soon […]

6 Window Replacement Myths Busted

 Are you planning a window replacement for your house? Do you need a shower screen replacement but are worried about the myths that prevail in your mind. There are various fallacy stories regarding window replacement that prevent homeowners from proceeding. So, here in this blog post, we are going to bust the myths that have been prevalent […]

Window Cracks and Tips to Quick Fix Them

When you have a broken glass window it’s not just an eyesore but it will also become unsafe. Glass Shelves Brisbane has immense expertise in dealing with all types of window cracks. A crack in a window does not only invite harmful insects to your house but it may also attract thieves as well. It […]

Simple Broken Glass Repair Services in Brisbane

Is your glass window or door broken by mistake? It will be very costly if your window or door has a single and large glass. But if any glass piece is broken, then you don’t need to worry. It will be repaired or replaced very easily and doesn’t give much cost to your pocket. River […]

Brisbane shower screens and window replacement

Newly supplied and installed shower screens and window replacement throughout Brisbane has being keeping us busy. River City Glass offers competitive prices and excellent workmanship.  Give us a call for an obligation free quote. We are based in Capalaba, and cover Brisbane and all surrounding area. We also offer so much more. Mirrors, glass shelving, wardrobe doors, general glass replacement to broken windows […]

3 Signs That You May Need Your Windows Repaired

The total lifespan of windows normally remains between 15 to 35 years. However, you may face some problems during the entire lifespan of your windows. You may seek the help of Shower Screen Replacement professionals River City Glass, to fix these issues. The professionals are glass specialists and carry out repairs effectively. It is worth noting that […]