Building a New Home? Here are the Top 5 Types of Glass You Should Know

Over the years, architects have been using exquisite building materials to create gorgeous building masterpieces. Despite this,no material can replace the elegance of glass. Today, glass offers you options and styles that look nothing like the simple types of yore. Its unique features make it the most versatile home building material in the industry. Glass manufacturing has evolved to a great height over the past few decades.

Why Use Glass?

Features like durability and temperature insulation have gained a lot of ground for glass. The workability of glass is a superior property because it can be molded into any shape. Glass is a brittle material but it can be made strong enough to use as protection in windows and doors. You can get whatever you want with today which is why you should have glass in your home.

Most homeowners like houses with picture windows. There are many types of glass to choose from which can be challenging. It’s important to know the types to ensure you integrate the right onein the right place in your home. If you want a local glass replacement, let’s dive in and find more about it!

  1. Float Glass

Float glass is a smooth, distortion-free material used for designing other glass items. It provides users with a crystal clear view. Float glass is made from molten glass poured into a tin. Float glass takes the shape of large glass panels. Although it’seasy to break, it can be used for windows.

  1. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is the alternative to normal glass because it offers a tough, robust structure that is hard to break. It’s growing in popularity and has been used in many ways such as display cabinets for valuables and glass sliding doorsin commercial or residential buildings.

  1. Obscured Glass

Obscured glass allows light to come in, butit is impossible to see through. This typecanbe frosted or etched to add some design. Itis perfectfor rooms that require privacy like the bathroom and shower doors.

  1. Tempered Glass

After float glass is made, it is cooled slowly to make it strong. Tempered glass undergoes an additional process that makes it stronger as well. Tempered glass is too strong evento be cut, but it still breaks if hit hard. If you want a shower screen replacement, tempered glass is your best bet.

  1. Insulated Glass

Insulated glassis optimized for energy efficiency due to the combination of two panels of glasses and trapped air. Insulated glass reduces heat buildup during hot seasons and heat loss during the cold seasons. Insulated glass, therefore, keeps your home heating and cooling costs down.


Choosing the right type of glass may seem like a minor consideration when building a new home. But this decision may turn out to have major repercussions. Choosewisely to make your home attractive, secure, and keep the outdoor where it belongs. River City Glass offers the best glass replacement nearby, and they won’t lead you astray.

5Tips on Mirror Breakage

For most of us, a mirror is a basic grooming aid, but this is not the only benefit that mirrors provide. Mirrors are vital tools that transform spaces and provide a sense of openness. Any room decorated tastefully with the help of mirrors can set a mood and enhance its beauty. In short, mirrors do more than just allow you to see your reflection. So how do you prevent breakage?

  1. Consult with a glass company

Every homeowner has tastes and preferences when it comes to mirrors. However, a consultation with your glass repair near mewill offer you advice on your choice. A glass repair professionalwill listen to your needs, guide you on the selection process and reveal new options to help you make an informed decision. He will also consider your budget and advise you on the best style for your home or business

  1. Consider the quality of the mirror

The quality of your mirror equates to its durability. If the mirror is of high quality it will keep embellishing your wall and looking nice and bright over time. The quality of a mirror becomes even more important if you seekbathroom wallmirrors. A more durable mirror is required in the bathroom environment. A professional can help in sourcing high-quality mirrors due to their great experience.

  1. Proper installation

Properly installed mirrors not only boost visual appeal but also save you a lot of money. Before your mirror installation results in breakage, causing a financial setback or personal injury, let the professionals handle it. Your emergency glass door repairprofessional knows how to install and handle the challenges to minimize all risks. They follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. Hire professionals

There are multiple reasons why hiring a professional for your mirror installation or emergency glass door repair is the best decision. You will have peace of mind because the professional knows the ropes. You can focus on other important things rather thandepending on someone out of their league.

Reasons for Hiring a Professional

  1. Professionals are experienced

Installing a mirror or havingmirror repair is more complicated than buying a frame and mounting it on the wall.The mirror installation team has the tools needed tolevel the sides and position them correctly. This saves you the consequence of drilling your mirror only to make a mistake and end up with bad results.

  1. They can handle different sizes and styles of mirrors

Professionals can handle different sizes and styles of mirrors with ease whether it’s for repair, replacement, or installation.From simple to complex, they will efficiently make everything long–lasting.

  1. They tailor to your needs

There is a difference in how a professional and a non-professional addressesmirror repair, replacement, or installation. Professionals diagnose the problem betterdue to their knowledge and vast experience.


Hiring a professional for your glass needs may sound like a luxury, but it’s crucial for peace of mind. You can count onRiver City Glass. Contact us and expect phenomenal results.

The Best Type of Glass for Your Bathroom

The idea of using transparent glass in a highly private space like a bathroom might seem contradictory. In past decades, glass did not offer as much privacy as people would like. But the glass manufacturing field now offers highly functional inventions that address issues of safety and privacy all thanks to advanced processing techniques. The type of glass to choose for your bathroom wall mirrorsand bathroom is now determined by privacy needs, budget, and preferences.

Are you looking for the best glass solutions for your bathroom? Here are the types to consider:

  1. Tempered glass in Doors and Partitions

Tempered glass is a top choice for bathrooms since it can be used to place partitions and shower cubicles. This is why tempered glass is used in fancy hotels to build enclosures that are modern, sleek, and luxurious. Tempered glass is made from highly impact-resistanttoughened glass that provides adequate safety to the bathroom occupant. Tempered glass helps greatly since bathroom floors are always wet and slippery, resulting in a high chance of slipping. Tempered glass is the best option for your shower screen replacement.

  1. Frosted Glass in Windows and Enclosures

Due to its texture,frosted glass is becoming more popular. Its smooth and soft appearance provides more privacy, and it isavailable in a variety of colors and designs.The etching on one side of the frosted glass keeps smudges and fingerprints from being obvious as they would on a clear surface.

  1. Rain Glass

To offer privacy, rain glass has a pattern that appears on one side. It is great at hiding stains and fingerprints. It also has an eye-catching and decorative raindrop pattern, which is the perfect complement for a modern bathroom grounded in an earthy style.

  1. Tinted Glass

Tinted glass reduces the transmission of light to offer the bathroom privacy you require.Tinted glass comes in multiple colors, which enables you to match the glass with your décor. Tinted glass colors vary from light to dark, with the darker shades offering better privacy. Usingtinted glass for your glass sliding doors will offer a unique look to any bathroom.

  1. Smoked Glass

Smoked glass is primarily used to reduce light transmission and for decorative purposes. Smoked glass is clear, but its darkened color ups the privacy factor. The light transmission of smoked glass light ranges according to the amount of privacy required. If you use smoked glass for your bathroom window, it will endow your bathroom with a cooler temperature.

If you are ready to invest in your bathroom, you need to choose the right type of glass. Whether you are upgrading or designing a new area, the glass you choose can transform your bathroom byadding value and breathing new life intothe space.


Are you looking for aglass repair professional for your bathroom or any other glass services? At River City Glass, we will make all your ideas for a dream bathroom become a reality. Contact us today to partner with a company that understands the difference between a good job and a great job in glass services.

How to Decorate Bare Walls Using Glass

Without a shadow of a doubt, completely bare walls feel dull. So, why not add some beauty, character, and charm to them? The following ideas and tips by the leading glass repair and security screens Brisbane company  – River City Glass – will help you update your home using glass in a very creative way. Just read on and find out how you can decorate bare walls with glass:

1. Small Antique Mirrors

First and foremost, you have to understand that what we actually mean when we say antique mirrors. Namely, it doesn’t mean that those have to be antiquities, but that the mirrors are made from a new reflective acid-washed glass that provides an aged appearance. When compared to standard mirrors, they add depth and warmth to contemporary looks and match perfectly with vintage décor. And, by covering an unused wall with this type of mirror, you will get a stunning focal point.

2. Back Painted Glass

While small antique mirrors add warmth to rooms in vintage style, back-painted glass is the type that fits perfectly in modern up-to-date décor. Back painted glass is actually low iron glass painted on the pack so that it makes the color shine through the ultra-clear glass. It is perfect for creating modern wall art, by either covering an entire bare wall or attaching smaller pieces in your desired arrangement. Plus, you can choose from a great range of colours to match the rest of the décor and pick the shapes and sizes you prefer.

3. Glass Shelves

Installing glass shelves as the foundation of an eye-catching display is yet another creative idea of using glass for decorating bare walls. They can easily provide a floating effect since clear glass is see-through and won’t visually fill up space. In other words, they will simply act as the foundation for displaying items such as family photos, antiquities, collectibles, etc. Furthermore, you can have your glass shelves cut in the size and glass type you prefer, and placed according to your desire to further personalize the look of the display.

4. A Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall, with a special focus on mirrors, is yet another way to beautify bare wall space. It is also the best solution for those who prefer a more eclectic assortment of wall hangings. To highlight mirror glass you could hang multiple unframed mirrors in several geometric shapes. You can also make a mix of both framed and unframed mirrors and add photos or prints for a more personalised touch. Another great combination is one big wall mirror paired with several smaller ones on the sides.

The bottom line, using glass for decorating bare and unused walls needs creativity and professional help of course. Hence, if you want some of the above-listed ideas a reality, don’t hesitate and contact the leading company – River City Glass – offering the ultimate glass repair services.

3 Ways You Can Improve a Bathroom with One Piece of Glass

In general, adding the much-needed Wow factor to your bathroom doesn’t always require a complete renovation. Instead, it could be as simple as adding one piece of glass. Yes, you read well. Even one sheet of glass can completely transform your bathroom and improve the aesthetics of it.

Want to know how? No worries because the leading glass repair and security screens specialist in Brisbane – River City Glass – is here to help you. We supply a wide range of quality glass products and services. We provide professional personal service, quality tradesmenship, and prompt delivery and installation of all our products.

Additionally, we can assist you with shower screens, emergency glass repair, mirrors, domestic and commercial glass repair/replacement, window and door replacement, security screens, and glass cut to size. So, if you are looking for Brisbane glass repair, River City Glass is your go-to option for all glass and glazing needs.

Now, let’s continue and have a look at the top three ways you can improve your bathroom with glass:

1. Include a Frameless Shower Screen

Frameless shower screens are really growing in popularity these days. And, without a shadow of a doubt, this piece of glass can make a huge difference in a bathroom. The simplicity and clean lines of such shower screens are an adequate upgrade for those old framed shower doors or curtains. Also, frameless shower screens are quite versatile and can be either stationary or hinged and used for rounded or square corners.

2. Customize Vanity Mirror

Next, you can update your bathroom with one piece of glass and without doing an entire renovation by replacing your vanity mirror with a custom option. One option worth considering is a wall-to-wall custom mirror that fits around outlets and/or light switches. Also, you could add two matching mirrors in geometric shapes over double sinks. Or, you may choose your vanity mirrors to be cut to unique shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you can ask for metal-wrapped or beveled edge vanity mirrors.

3. Install Floating Glass Shelves

Last but not least, installing floating glass shelves is yet another way to use one sheet of glass to improve the aesthetics of a bathroom. By choosing this idea you will not only add an extra touch to your existing bathroom but also declutter the mess around your vanity or shower. And, if you prefer, you can choose dimensions, glass style, and bracket type that fits the rest of your bathroom décor. Once you have glass shelves installed, just place items directly on them or add baskets.

If some of these ideas are the right solution for your bathroom, contact River City Glass and update your bathroom with only one piece of glass.

Make a Small Room Feel Bigger with Glass

Although you may have a home that’s on the smaller side, you don’t have to feel claustrophobic in it. With the right use of glass, you can create an illusion of space and make a small room feel bigger. To help you complete the project successfully, your Brisbane glazier expert – River City Glass – is here to help you make an informed decision.

Being one of the leading emergency glass repairs, shower screens, and security screens company, we have the expertise and experience needed to satisfy your glass replacement and installation requirements.

Now that you know the go-to company, let’s have a look at how you can use glass to make rooms feel more spacious:

1. Make Use of Wall Mirrors

First on the list of ways to create an illusion of space is creating a mirrored wall. This isn’t only the simplest but also the most dramatic way to make even tiny rooms feel bigger. However, you have to do it right, i.e. choose the right wall to cover with reflective glass.

When making your decision, think about what the mirrors will reflect. For example, for getting the best results you may consider creating a mirrored wall opposite a window. Also, consider how much you want the wall to be covered with mirrors.

And, once you made your decision you could choose one of the following options:

  • Install one huge wall mirror
  • Cover the entire wall with several wall mirrors
  • Cover the wall with numerous small polished edge or beveled edge mirrors
  • Go for antique mirrors that provide an aged appearance

2. Switch to Cabinet Glass

Second, to make a room that includes cabinets feel larger you may go for updating cabinet doors with clear glass. It is as simple as replacing existing wooden door fronts with glass and you’ll immediately get a modern and more open ambiance.

Plus, if you have collectibles or other items worth showing off, cabinet glass is perfect for displaying such items. So, for example, you could have your china or glassware displayed in the dining room, or artwork, photos, and collectibles in the living room.

By doing so, you’ll ensure your items are perfectly displayed, but at the same time, safe and protected behind doors. Still, if you don’t want to show the inside of your cupboard, you can also pick frosted glass instead of clear glass.

As a bonus tip, consider decorating and decluttering your kitchen, living room, or bathroom by adding glass shelves because clutter is the biggest enemy of smaller rooms because it makes them even more confining.

3. Replace Entire Wall with Clear Glass

Finally, if two smaller rooms can be visually connected yet physically separated, a clear glass wall is a go-to solution. Yet, you have to ensure that the wall you want to replace is non-load bearing because otherwise, you couldn’t replace it with a clear glass partition.

Also, you have to consider privacy. Therefore, the most suitable places for installing glass partitions between rooms would be between the dining room and the kitchen or the living room, around your home office, or between the master bedroom and the ensuite.

In addition, glass walls won’t only make space more open and larger but also add a Wow factor to your home. Plus, they can be customized to your needs and preferences and installed with or without a framed construction.

The bottom line, as soon as you choose the most suitable way to make your home feel larger, you will need professional help to finish the project. When it comes to glass repair and installation, contact River City Glass – the number one glaziers in Brisbane.

All About the Glass Repair Process

Home improvement projects like glass replacementcan make a room look better. However, repairing glass requires a professional because the job can be dangerous and requires special tools and expertise. Hiring a professional is also beneficial because it will not take them long, won’t be messy, will be less hassle, and will be done right.

It can be tough to find the right glass repair provider when you really need them. When you requireglassreplacement services,you may feel vulnerable to pushy sales techniques. To help you find reputable glass repair experts near you, let’s look at the following tips. We will also look over the process of how to fix cracked glass.

Ask Around for Opinions

It’s a good idea to get a friend’s opinion on any glass repair specialists you consider. They might know a glass repair expert who did an excellent job for them previously. Since it’s hard to tell whether an outsider will do a job well, it’s worth asking friends, family, and coworkers if they have someone they recommend.

Compare Multiple Providers

To get a fair price for your glass repair, compare multiple quotes to ensure you are not overpaying with artificially high prices.A very low quote can also be a red flag if it is well below the average price.

Take Your Time

Although it’s difficult when you need glass repair urgently, looking into multiple glass repair specialists will help you get the right professionals to do the job. It will help you to decide rationally and can help you avoid overly pushy offers.

Glass Repairs Depends on:

  1. The type of glass you have
  2. The style of the frame the glass sits in
  3. The framing material
  4. How damaged the glass is

If the glass has simply a crack, it can be filled with adhesive, making it almost as good as new. However, if part of the glass is shattered, it will probably need to be replaced entirely. A professional will have theexpertise and skillsto help no matter the problem.

How to Repair a Glass Crack

  • Before beginning, use an air compressor to blow air into the crack in the glass to removethe dust.
  • Then, put a solvent liquid on the crack with an eyedropper and clean itthoroughly.
  • Next, place a strip of Sellotape on the back of the crack to hold it together.
  • The next step is to use a syringe or brush to put adhesive on the exposed side of the crack.
  • Finally, remove the tape after the glass is dry.

If the glass repair does not work, glass replacement services areneeded to replace the glass. A glass repair specialist will also be able to replace your old glass with new glass. The replacement will improve your home’s comfort because of better energy efficiency and noise pollution control. You can also have your glass tinted to shield your home from sun-related issues.


What glass repair challenges are you facing? Let River City Glass help you find the right solution. With ouryears of experience and professional team, you can count on effective and efficient services. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and a unique combination of equipment to meet your needs. At River City Glass, we strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way. Contact us today!

Need to Replace Broken Mirrors? Do It Right the First Time

A broken mirror should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further breakage and injury. Without the right tools and expertise, handling broken glass can be difficult and dangerous. Experts will take accurate measurements and fix your broken mirrors or shower screens quickly and efficiently.

Depending on the location, broken mirrors will lose their energy efficiency, raising your energy bills. Cracks also cause condensation to form between glass panes.Although a shattered mirror needs to be replaced, cracked mirrors sometimes can be fixed instead of replaced. Let’s look at some of the specifics of how to repair a damaged mirror.

How to Repair Chipped Mirrors

When the damage is minor, it’s possible to use a repair kit consisting of a resin adhesive and a stabilizer. Here are the steps to repair chipped mirrors using a repair kit.

  • Remove any dirt by cleaning the area with a soft cloth.
  • Apply the stabilizer to the mirror.
  • Insert the resin through the stabilizer. This step is to ensure the resin is in the crack.
  • Also, apply a small amount of the resin on the top of the area.
  • After the resin has cured, peel the top resin layer off and clean the mirror.

Although this method may work for minor damage, it is not adequate to fix shattered mirrors or mirrors with more severe cracks.

How to Replace Broken Mirrors

When mirrors are broken, it is often best to find a functional and stylish replacement. A professional will answer your questions and work with you to select a mirror that fits your needs. The professional will also take measurements to ensure a proper fit to reduce malfunction and other costly issues. The mirror can also be removed and taken to a glass and mirror shop. The shop can cut a new mirror of the correct size and style. However, they may charge an extra fee if the mirror has an intricate shape. An expert will then do your mirror installation and set up your new mirror.

Professionals installers have seen just about every scenario and know how to prevent most issues. The experience gives the professional the ability to make sure the installation will look beautiful and will provide you with peace of mind knowing that the mirror will function and last. Working with experts that you can trust makes a huge difference with mirror and glass installation.


Whether you needshower screen repairs or any other glass service, River City Glass can help. We are a glass company and glass repair shop you can rely on for your glass repair and replacement needs. We are excited to help you make your home improvement dreams come true with professional mirror installations. We will be bringing knowledge and experience to your projects, and you will be part of the River City Glass family. Contact us today to learn more.

5 Things to Consider Before Calling a Glass Repairman

When a glass window or door breaks, you want it to be repaired quickly and correctly. But before you rush to have your broken glass repaired, take a moment to think about who you want to hire. Not every glass technician offers the same glass repair services, and there are also other considerations to make. Although glass replacement can be easy, you need to hire the right professionals. These guidelines will help you getthe glass repaired or replaced, especially if it’s an emergency.

1. Experience

We all know that experience matters. A professional who has been in the business for a long time is more familiar with the many things that can go wrong with glass replacement and how to avoid problems. Technology and types of equipment also continue to evolve, and a brand new company may not keep up with the advancements.

2. Material

Another essential element is the quality of materials used to repair your glass. Before choosing a glass repair specialist, inquire about the materials they use and their quality. Glass is also made using different materials, making them higher or lower quality. Understand the specification and characteristics of the glass being replaced.

3. Convenience

The glass repair specialist you choose should work with your schedule. They should also be available for emergency services. Selecting an expert who offers effective assistance is a must.

4. Affordability Versus Longevity

The glass repair services should ensure you get a long-lasting product for your money. High-quality services may translate to higher but fairer rates. Low-quality glass could cost you less at the time, but it can cost you more inthe longterm if it needs to be replaced again.

5. Reputation

Before you hire someone for glass repair services in your area, make sure you do your homework. You should check the reputation of the company. Talk to family and friends about their experiences to see if they have a company they recommend. You can also check online for reviews. Positive and negative feedback can be insightful about the efficiency and quality of the repair work. Customer satisfaction will help makeyour decision easier.


A reputed glass repair specialist will ensure quality work, giving you peace of mind. They can also offer a quick turn-around time in emergencies. For class repairs and replacement, look no further than River City Glass. We are a network of professionally trained technicians, and we use top-of-the-line tools. Our company repair process is quick and efficient, and we will not suggest replacements unless they are genuinely required. Get in touch with us today and let River City Glass take care of all of your glass-related problems.

Best way to clean your Shower Screen

In the house, the bathroom is of great importance. It is much more than just a place where daily treatments take place. Well-built bathrooms will provide a comfortable area in the home and a significant increase in the value of the building. It is essential to use a high-quality type of ropes, tiles, and accessories during the bathroom renovation. Hence, the bathroom shower screen is a crucial accessory.


Shower Screens are used for showering purposes in the washrooms that are equipped with enticing screens, and even other shower frames are available in various designs and sizes. The key aim of the bathroom installation is to include a separate area for showering and bathing. Shower accessories are in demand in different places in the world. People mount them in bathrooms for several purposes, and such a way is used in the ’80s where small types of screens for showering were previously available. It is not hard to scrub a shower screen only once a week to avoid deposits of grime, soap scum, and limestone. If it is uncleaned from the shower box’s glass, it could cause grafting and irreversible damage.


Ensuring the shower accessories’ best condition is essential to prolong its lifespan and avoid unnecessary problems in the future. Many people do not know how to clean the shower enclosure, but unfortunately, it is only one household activity. It is time to take steps, whether the shower enclosure is coated with those annoying hazy grey spots or whether you cannot see it in serious situations. Though hard water can be famously difficult to get rid of, there is a house solution to help you clean the shower screen and bring it back in a shiny state. Therefore, if you ask yourself how to clean a glass shower panel, follow the tips and tricks below. So in no time, you are going to have a spectacular, clean shower box.


Baking soda and water. Go to your pantry and take out the baking soda to eliminate harder stains quickly. Mix baking soda with a little water to make a smooth paste. Dampen it on the piece with a sponge or a soft toothbrush. Stop using rough pins and scrubbers to avoid scratches. Pay more attention to stubborn stains, particularly around door articulations and frames. Rinse the paper towel with smooth water and then dry the glass screen.


Lemon. It has an anti-bacterial property which makes it a good disinfectant in cleaning surfaces. Pour the citrus juice on a fluffy sponge, freshly squeezed, or distilled concentrate. Wipe all glass surfaces with the damped sponge. Leave the lemon juice a few minutes to work its magic. Rinse the lemon juice well, then rinse it using clean water or white vinegar. Dry thoroughly using a towel or cloth to achieve a bright glass.


Water and detergent. To disinfect your shower panel, use water and dishwashing detergent. Put a high-quality dishwashing detergent on the dirty Glass Shower Screens for deep cleaning. To guarantee a clean shower enclosure, use a scrubbing brush or an old towel. In a circular motion, use the brush or cloth on the screen. Pour hot water for rinsing to remove the excess detergent and dirt.


Vinegar spray. By cleaning using vinegar, it is simple to get the shine back to the shower enclosure. Through a spray bottle, pour white vinegar. You may want to apply a squeeze of lemon for a new smell and mix with a half cup of water. Spray the vinegar solution on the surfaces of the glass screens. Leave for a few minutes and deal with a warm sponge or brush on the stains. If required, apply a solution again. Use clean water to rinse thoroughly, and use a towel or cloth to dry it.


Fabric softener. Mix one liter of warm water with one cup of fabric softener. Put the mixture on the shower screens using a sponge or cloth. The stain and soap scum can be effectively disposed of on your shower screen. Just wipe the mixture on the surface and clean it with warm water. Wipe using the dryer sheets around the body to remove the soap scum and achieve a clean finish.