6 Benefits of Glass Windows and Doors during winter

There is a misunderstanding about glass windows and doors that they don’t shield you properly from the cold winter months. However, this is wrong, as glass offers many insulating advantages in modern homes. They are no longer an unfit option for harsh, chilly winters rather a perfect one!

Well, before searching online the best glass repair near me and hiring a glass repair and replacement company, check out below the benefits of glass windows and doors during winter:

1. Solar Heat:

With glass, the sun’s heat directly reaches inside the space and acts as a great absorber of sunlight therefore keeping the space warm and cozy. Large surface areas of glass actually increase solar gain. Not to mention, there are glazing treatment options available that can preserve the heat so that when the warm light hits the glass surface, glazing helps to allow the warmth to remain warm for longer.

2. Natural Light:

If the glass doors and windows are installed in the right positions, it helps to capture the natural light and transfers it into your home. Contact the best glass repair company in Brisbane, River City Glass, for any advice or guidance on your glass positioning.

3. Low Emissivity Coating on Glass Doors and Windows:

Low emissivity glass prevents temperature transfer through the glass by around 30 percent. Basically, what this means is that it prevents the outgoing of heat produced by our bodies in a room. It keeps the heat and warmth inside. The heat and the temperature get reflected back inside the room through the low e-coated glass.

4. Ventilation:

Ventilation is a must in every home, in order to allow the flow of natural air in, and stale odors out. Which is why glass windows and doors can be a really choice solution, due to being able to open them for fresh air, but close them when the air gets that little bit too fresh.

5. Winter Smart Window Accessories:

Curtains that are made up of thick and insulating fabric can be used for locking heat into rooms and thus not letting the cool air come inside. During the winter months, the use of curtains around glass sliding doors Brisbane is a great accessory.

Now that you know the benefits of having glass doors and windows in winter, if you want to install the same in your home or office, search for glass replacement near me and contact River City Glass today. We have quality glass solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.