A Handy Guide for Home Security

A home is not only a building or a structure; it is the haven where you make your life. Therefore, home security is something that must not be treated lightly. Simple security screens and security screen doors Capalaba can safeguard your home from robbery and intrusion. However, where should you spend freely and where can you save some bucks? Well, read on to find out.

Places That Deserve Attention

  • Ground-level windows: Windows at the ground level are probably the most vulnerable spots of the house. These are the locations where most commonly intrusion appears from outside. Therefore, it is common sense to invest the most in increasing their security. Strong security screens make sure that your windows must not be broken by an external force. Simultaneously, these screens appear as regular window and bathroom mirrors Brisbane, and usually ample sunlight and ventilation to your home.
  • House Front: The front of your house is another vulnerable spot where intrusion might appear. The significance of security at the house front must not be exaggerated. Securing your house front needs to be your priority when thinking about enhancing your house security. You can invest in a strong and durable door that also looks stylish from the outside. Stainless steel window screens are a good compliment to it. When combined, they secure your house front and can dissuade most robbers from even trying.
  • Windows with fall-risk: While securing your windows is a good idea generally, it becomes even more significant in the case of windows that is at risk of falling. This often happens in the case of windows that are located at a lower level within the room. If you have kids at home, this becomes even more dangerous. Installing a strong screen would ensure that your windows are now fall-proof, as well as safe from intrusion from outside. Moreover, do window glass repair Brisbane on any broken ones without delay.
  • Fire Escape Plan: Safety exists in various forms. While you are focusing on protecting your home from robbers and thieves, there is also the problem of fire hazards. Several people tend to make their window panels fixed for additional safety, however, this could be a major issue if a fire breaks out in the house. To solve this, you can install an Emergency Escape screen at any one location of the house. These windows, while expensive, allow being opened freely from the inside while being safe from the outside.

Places That Can Save Money

  • Balcony with no outside access: If your balcony is located at a higher altitude with no external access, then investing in a security door or window might not be necessary. If your concern is to stop kids from falling from the balcony, simple and durable security screens would do the trick.
  • Side Laundry and Back Doors: Back doors and side laundry doors are hardly ever visible to most people. As such, you can save some money on these areas if you wish to. Again, a cheap or economical screen would do the job and save you some cash.
  • Hard-access Windows: If your house has windows that are very hard to access from outside, then there is no need to invest in expensive security windows. Specifically, when there is no risk of falling from the windows, a simple screen would again offer you basic protection.


A home is a place where you have comfort and peace of mind. With the right home security options such as security doors and security screens Capalaba, you can achieve exactly that.