Difference between Heavy Duty and Light Security Screen Doors

Are you looking for a Frosted Glass ReplacementIs it your wish to replace your old glass doors and windows to accentuate your living space? Screen doors not only work as a protective shield against rain, dust, and winds however, also stands out as a welcoming beauty that grabs visitor’s attention. Nevertheless, every screen door is not similar; they are different on the basis of being a heavy and light duty. Hence, what are the factors that draw the thin line of difference between the two? Here we are going to list down some differences to assist you to decide which kinds of screens are best for you:


Price is among the most significant parameters while making an Obscure Glass Window selection for many homeowners having a strict budget. Nevertheless, it is a common belief that the more you play, the better will be the quality and outcomes. It is a clear indicator that if you are seeking durable and long-lasting products, you might have to spend a considerable amount for purchasing the same by going in for heavy-duty screens. Heavy-duty doors and windows do shell out money but provide you with seamless results.

In contrastingly, light-duty products might not live up to your expectations of fledging you with extended services but are affordable in comparison.

Locks and hardware

In many places, security doors are no more made with added-on locks and handles, decreasing the manufacturing cost. This not only reduces the price of the glass but also enables you to pick on a lock and patterned handle as per your liking. In such a case, you get all the freedom of adding on a handle that matches your choice and pocket at the same time.

Deadbolt locks are well suited for both the heavy and light duty security screens as they could easily slide inside the frames. One could also consider making use of a double locking system and coded lock for high-level security.


Light security screens have been made using a high standard of artistry and bestow a flawless construction with reinforced corners and a sturdy framework. They also utilize aluminium mesh screens.

In contrast to this, heavy-duty security doors are sturdier as compared to their light screen counterparts and often, incorporate gauge steel for their construction, defining their strength. They are environment friendly, have cross segments welded with excellence for high-level safety and security, and utilize a coating that prevents rusting and scratches on the Mirrors Brisbane.

Mesh or screen

The meshes used in light security screens enable ample light to flow in and also hikes up the airflow in the rooms where these screens have been installed. They protect your home and fill your space with light, turning it into a popular choice amongst most homeowners.

On the other hand, heavy-duty doors use wide-sized screens and are sturdier, offering greater security levels. These are highly durable and secure but lower down the airflow.


Hence, since you are aware of the main differences between the two, have you made up your mind about which one to pick on? Get connected with us and opt for a diverse range of security doors and Shower Screens complimenting your style statement.