Emergency Glass Repair: Different Types of Glass

Glass is being used in homes and commercial spaces frequently nowadays. Due to it’s sleek and classy appearance, glass has become a very popular material used for a wide variety of construction purposes. Glass partitions for example in a house
or in a commercial office space, make the space look more spacious, airy and open. Not only does glass add to the aesthetic feel of a space, but it can lighten up the room instantly by bringing in the natural sunlight. Apart from every benefit that glass offers to any home or office, its fragility can’t be ignored. So, let’s delve into how glass typically breaks and the different types of glass available.

Why Does Glass Break?

Glass is known to be a relatively fragile material and when there is stress put against it that exceeds its capacity to handle, it breaks.

Types of Glass

  • Standard Glass: This is the popular choice for homeowners because of its easy maintenance. Reshaping, cutting or polishing standard glass can be done hassle-free without any breakage. However, it offers the highest fragility because of rapid cooling time while manufacturing. When it breaks, it shatters into a thousand pieces which are of course, very dangerous. Also, if the glass is installed in entry and exit doors or windows and shatters, emergency glass door repair services are required immediately.
  • Safety Glass: With Safety Glass the likelihood of a breakage, is much less likely than with the standard glass. Further, there are of two types of Safety Glass – laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass. Laminated glass is made up of two glass panes fixed together for the purpose of sticking together if broken. Whenever this type of glass breaks, the glass panes stay together, which obviously minimizes safety hazards tremendously. The second type of glass is toughened safety glass, this is the strongest type of glass because it undergoes an intense heating and cooling process.

Emergency Glass Repair

Emergency glass replacement and repairs are required as soon as any glass in your residential or commercial space is broken; especially if it was installed in doors and windows or of course if young children occupy the space. So, if you need any professional assistance with glass repairs, glass replacement or any emergency glass services, contact your local glass replacement company near you. Choose the best Brisbane Glass Replacement & Repair company – River City Glass for all your glass needs. River city glass is a reliable local glass repair and replacement service provider in Capalaba, Brisbane, servicing all surrounding locations. We offer quality glass products and safe installations for your homes and offices. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to simply get in touch with glass professionals who can answer any of your questions!