How to Seal and Fix a Cracked Glass Window?

You cannot stop a soccer ball from hitting the glass of your window but you can surely call window Repairs Brisbane professionals to get the glass fixed. Leaving a cracked window is not at all pleasing. It makes your house look incomplete. Bugs and insects can also make their way into the house through these cracks. So in this post, we will discuss how to seal and fix the cracks in your glass window.

Key Points to Remember When Fixing a Cracked Glass

  • You need to keep certain key points in mind while getting the glass fixed as these points will ensure you fix the glass properly without further damage and will also keep you and your family safe.
  • When sealing the window, if you find the situation manageable then you can wait for the broken glass repair Brisbane professionals to arrive and fix it.
  • If the glass is beyond repair and the situation is not manageable then you should go ahead and seal it while waiting for professional help to arrive.
  • To keep the tightness of the windows and lessen the vacuum, use a good quality adhesive such as glue, silicone sealant, or clerical tape. Always check the quality of such products before purchasing them.
  • When you use such strong adhesive it often tightens the cracked area. As the adhesive solidifies the frame, you should be extra careful while closing the window. A sudden rash movement will further damage the window and also hamper your safety.
  • Once you are done with the work, close the window and leave it for the time being. Stay away from any physical contact with the window as it is fragile and unwanted interactions might worsen the condition of the window.

What are the Quick Fixes?

Here are a few ways you can seal a cracked glass temporarily:

1. Applying Masking Tape:

This option is available and can be done as a quick fix. Do not take this hack for a permanent solution. You can keep a clear packing tape and apply it over the crack. The tape should be applied on both sides of the glass to provide an ample amount of protection. The necessary adhesion will keep the glass together. You can also add a few more layers of tape to the top of the crack to prevent it from coming off.

2. Apply Mesh Patch:

until the mirror replacement Brisbane professionals arrive you can cut a small square piece from a pair of nylon mesh stockings and lubricate it with super glue. Now paste it over the crack of your window and keep it firmly against the window until it is dried.

3. Apply a Piece of Thick Plastic:

This is as same as the one mentioned above. Gather the plastic and cut a square. Apply it to the crack and seal it with duct tape at the edges. All of the above-mentioned hacks will temporarily fix the crack but it will make your window look unattractive. So, make sure you get proper help from glass shelves Brisbane as they provide nothing but the best service.