Nine Types of Glass You Can Find at Your Local Glazier

Glass is a wonderful and useful material. This seemingly simple material is almost everywhere around us, from our mobile phone screens and windows to mirrors and in cars. But not every type of glass is the same. The different categories of glass are determined by the process used to make them and their uses. When you visit your local glazier for glass repair Brisbane, you can expect to find the following nine common types of glass.

1. Float Glass

Float glass is a basic type of glass usually used in small domestic windows. It is a clear, very flat glass that can be easily coated with other colours to create different designs. The colour coating can also be used to reduce heat and glare in the room. When broken, float glass breaks into large shards. If you have float glass that gets damaged, you can contact glass repair Brisbane Southside to get it fixed.

2. Insulated Glass

Also known as double-glazed glass, insulated glass involves two or more glass panels bonded together, leaving a void between them. This void is filled with air or argon gas and sealed. As the name suggests, insulated glass is typically used for insulation against temperature or sound. It is also used for solar control and reducing internal condensation.

3. Toughened Glass

This type of glass undergoes a thermal tempering procedure to strengthen it. Toughened glass is usually used in situations where the glass would experience frequent pressure. Sliding glass doors, shop fronts, room partitions, and more are often made from toughened glass. When broken, it breaks into smaller shards and is considered safer.

4. Laminated Glass

Like toughened glass, laminated glass has two or more layers of glass bonded together. However, instead of a void, the laminated glass includes interlayers of a polymeric material that connects the glass layers. This material holds the glass together firmly, preventing the shards from flying even when the glass is broken.

5. Security Glass

Security glass is similar to laminated glass but made to be even tougher. It involves multiple layers of glass that are laminated together. The glass is designed specifically to resist physical force. It is often used in home security and commercial properties like banks and retail stores.

6. Coated Glass

When coatings are applied to float glass during manufacturing, it is known as coated glass. The coatings give the glass specific characteristics that allow the glass to be used for various purposes. These characteristics can be high reflection/absorption, scratch resistance, or corrosion resistance, among others.

7. Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is a broad category that includes a variety of styles of glass. Decorative glass can be painted, sandblasted, screen printed, or etched. It is primary used in interior designs but can also be used for screening and wall mirrors Brisbane. Painted decorative glass is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens.

8. Patterned Glass

Also known as textured glass, patterned glass is manufactured by imprinting the glass with a mould while it is still hot. It is a type of decorative glass that is commonly used in offices and designer homes.

9. Self-Cleaning Glass

As the name suggests, self-cleaning glass is a special type of glass that does not need to be cleaned. A special coating is applied that breaks down any accumulated dirt with natural agents like sunlight and rain. Self-cleaning glass is typically used in places where it would be difficult to clean it, such as very high buildings.

The world of glass has many useful types. Knowing the common glass types can make it easier if you need emergency glass repair services in your home or business.