Emergency Glass Repair

Why you should use a qualified glazier for emergency glass repairs in Brisbane

It can be tempting to carry out a DIY repair job when you have a broken glass situation as it needs to be cleared away/repaired as soon as possible. However, as quick and convenient an option as it may seem, a DIY repair is not the smartest or safest decision. Whether it’s a minor crack in your window or significant shattered glass around your home or business, the benefit of hiring a qualified  glazier to take care of your emergency glass repair significantly outweighs the convenience of attempting it yourself. Here are a few reasons why hiring a qualified glazier for emergency glass repairs in Brisbane is the way to go. 

The safety factor 

When it comes to broken glass, safety should take precedence. While we’ve all safely cleared out a broken glass or plate at home at least once, dealing with broken glass windows, doors and panels are not the same thing. Repairing glass is a hazardous process. 

A qualified and experienced glazier understands the potential hazards and takes all the necessary precautions to handle broken glass safely in order to prevent injury to themselves and others. In the rare event of an injury, a qualified glazier will have the appropriate insurance to ensure any unforeseen accidents are covered for. 

Right tools for the job

Professional glaziers have access to purpose-built tools and equipment in the form of protective gloves, goggles, and cutting tools. Specialist tools help glaziers to conduct glass repairs in a safe manner for themselves and you and your family. 

Having the right tools for the job also ensures a professional finish.

Skills & experience = Quality workmanship

Qualified glaziers are equipped with specialist skills and training to complete emergency glass repairs in Brisbane safely and efficiently. Additionally, they will leave you with a professional, as-good-as-new result. 

Professional glaziers have experience handling all kinds of glass and utilise the best techniques and practices for removing and replacing glass in an emergency situation. 

Additionally, a qualified glazier can also advise you on the best repair and replacement options for your specific requirements, likely leaving you with an even better product than what you started with. 

Timely repairs

Time is of the essence in emergency glass repair situations to avoid injury as well as weakened security around your home or business premises. Hiring a qualified glazier ensures prompt and efficient repairs. If you’re looking for emergency glass repairs in Brisbane, remember to look for  glass repair companies that specifically offer emergency glass repair services as this will mean they’ll come out and repair glass when needed rather than be restricted to business hours. Aside from safety concerns, having glass repairs done as quickly as possible also means minimum downtime for businesses, and significantly reducing the risk of further damage. 

Cost effective

A common misconception is that doing a DIY-repair is cheaper than hiring a qualified glazier. In the short-run, yes, it might seem like it. However, when you factor in purchasing everything you need to complete the job properly, combined with the time you have to invest into the task, you might be surprised to find hiring a qualified glazier is the more cost-effective choice. 

Not having the same specialist skills or access to the right tools as a professional glazier, means there’s a high chance you won’t have completed the job correctly, and will eventually need to call in the professionals to right the wrongs. This means you could end up paying double of what it would’ve  cost you to hire a qualified glazier in the first place. Lastly, there is no guarantee that a DIY repair will last, while a qualified glazier will be able to provide you with quality products as well as a warranty to back their job. 


There you have it – 5 compelling reasons why hiring a qualified glazier to handle emergency glass repairs is the best option

Put simply, professional glaziers have the expertise, experience and tools to carry out emergency glass repairs more safely, efficiently and effectively than a DIY repair job. 

If you’re not willing to compromise on safety and quality when it comes to emergency glass repairs in Brisbane, contact the professionals at Rivercity Glass

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