Quick Tips to Clean Shower Mold

Shower and shower door may develop mold over a period of time. And, no matter how much time and effort you spend cleaning it, some mold may grow, especially during colder months. The moment it begins to grow, it will not take much longer before it may spread to every crevice and corner. Not only it is unhealthy but appears unattractive as well. Window Glass Repair Brisbane has achieved specialization in dealing with such scenarios and you need not take any stress. You may also try some easy ways mentioned below to eliminate shower mold from your shower space:

1. Vacuum your shower walls

Before you take up the task of cleaning the shower mold, it is ideal to clean shower walls with the help of a vacuum. It will help in eliminating any loose mold.

2. Baking soda

It has emerged as a highly reliable, effective, and economical cleaner. You may purchase baking soda to prepare an inexpensive shower cleaner. Take one cup of baking soda, one tablespoon of liquid soap, some essential oil drops, and adequate water to prepare a paste. Now, spread this paste all over the mold in your bath area and let it sit for some time. The last step will be to wipe it away with lukewarm water. Also, you must clean the mold from the shower door as well, as it will eliminate most of the mold. You may contact Bathroom Mirrors Brisbane to get rid of shower mold effectively.

3. Bleach

If you still notice some mold, you may try bleach. You need to prepare a solution containing 1 part of bleach and 2 parts of water. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the mold. Now, let it dry and spray once again. Use a scrub brush to eliminate the mold and wash it with water. If some mold is left, you may repeat the procedure. It is worth mentioning that bleach may be harmful and you must wear your gloves. And, you should also keep the bath area adequately ventilated to avoid inhaling dangerous toxic fumes.

4. Change caulk or grout

If you find it difficult to eliminate the entire mold, you may also think of replacing the caulk or grout in your shower. You may get in touch with Security Screen Doors Capalaba to replace the caulk or grout.

5. White vinegar

This is yet another effective solution to clean your shower mold. You may fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray the solution onto the mold. Allow it to rest for at least 1-2 hours. You may use a microfiber rag to remove the unsightly mold. If it is unavailable, you may use a toothbrush also. If you seek to use the vinegar method along with the baking soda method, you must keep the bath area adequately ventilated. The combination of these two methods releases CO2 that may prove to be toxic.


The above-discussed five tips will certainly help you remove the unattractive shower mold. Make sure you take all the precautions as well. You may also contact Security Screens Capalaba to tackle the situation effectively and efficiently. Borax is yet another reliable cleaner that you may try. You need to mix 1 glass of borax with 1 gallon of water. Spread the borax solution with the help of a scrub brush on the mold. Now, wipe away with the help of a wet washcloth and allow it to dry.

4 Modern Uses of Tinted and Frosted Glass

The most useful feature that glass offers is clarity. When the surface of the glass is spick and span, you will get a perfect view of the outside world. Clean and clear glass can also be used for a great display. You can contact River City Glass for expert Glass Repairs in Brisbane Southside. When you install glass, it can increase the beauty of your interior and offer a clean finish to any project. Many individuals opt for tinted and frosted glass amid the various advantages they offer to home and business alike.

Here the most creative uses of tinted and frosted glass:

1. Privacy:

When you choose frosted glass for your bath area, it will help in enhancing the design of a contemporary bathroom. Also, when you get frosted walls or doors installed for the shower area, it can create a cool interior that will blend with the bathroom tiles and taps alike. You will get results that will exceed your expectations. You may speak with Wall Mirrors Brisbane to get the job done.

2. Professional touch:

Are you keen to give a stylish yet modern outlook to your workplace? Workplaces with glass doors and glass walls enhance communication between staff workers and offer a sense of openness. You can provide a professional touch with a black tint for your office or home.

3. Keep your furniture safe:

Frosted glass will prove to be highly useful in protecting your furniture. The frosted glass looks stunning and offers a vast range of practical uses as well. It is worth noting that when UV rays fall on your furniture, carpets, and other furnishings, it may have a damaging impact on these objects. If you want your furniture to continue to look brand new and modern, you can opt for tint on the living room’s windows and doors. You can go for tint for those objects that may get exposed to sun rays and enhance their lifespan. You may seek Emergency Glass Repair Services to get a tinted or frosted glass of your choice.

4. Bold statement:

The glass looks outstanding on your office or home’s door. However, you will certainly not desire individuals peeping inside your house. You may opt for frosted glass for your office and home’s door and the sleek solution will make a bold statement as well. The frosted glass door will also leave your neighbors and friends in awe. If you yearn for some creativity also, custom glass patters will provide stunning effects on frosted glass.


Frosted and tinted glass will not only enhance appearance but various advantages too. You may contact Glass Repair Brisbane to get a tinted glass at cost-effective prices. When you frost up your doors at your property, it can effectively modernize your space. Instead of seeking mirrors or wood on sliding wardrobe doors, you may choose frosted glass. If you want to impress your friends and colleagues with your windows, you should get installed architecturally designed frames.

Significance of Toughened Glass for Domestic Roof Lights

Windows have emerged as indispensable elements in your home that let you build a relationship with the outside world. However, these windows should not be equipped with prison type grilles just to ensure the safety of your family. Toughened glass gained huge popularity and you can find them in several unique shapes and sizes. You can secure robust toughened glass from Mirrors Brisbane experts River City Glass, at cost-effective prices. Toughened glass is quite powerful and can withstand all sorts of temperature fluctuations with ease. When the glass breaks on rare occasions, it will only shatter into small, round pieces instead of huge shards. It will also minimize the risk of sustaining any injury.

Discussed below are the points that will help you understand the significance of toughened glass for domestic roof lights:

Resilience to heat and humid weather

Exposure to the sun may cause thermal stress accumulation. And, the glass may develop cracks as a result of uneven contraction and expansion. However, you need not stress about the high heat with toughened glass because of its outstanding heat and humidity resistance qualities. Also, toughened glass can endure strong temperature differentials. You will be able to avoid air and moisture leaks with ease to maintain the thermal comfort inside. Additionally, toughened glass will also provide you with excellent insulation for all kinds of weather situations. Get top quality toughened glass from Frosted Glass Replacement at an economical price range.


One of the best features of toughened glass is the level of durability that you will attain. The glass offers powerful resilience to heat, crazy weather situations, and moisture. The glass will not chip or develop any cracks even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, you will not have to worry about the roof shape with a toughened glass roof light. Contact Obscure Glass Window specialists at River City Glass to purchase toughened glass.

Secure and safe

As we know, roof lights may become victims of severe weather conditions like a hailstorm, dust storm, and other situations. However, if you rely on toughened glass for your roof light, you will be able to maintain great security against the impacts of harsh weather conditions. This is because toughened glass offers strong compressive stress. Consequently, they produce stunning impact-resistance qualities. They are quite powerful and invincible to various impacts of outside elements and the price of toughened glass is quite reasonable which means you are not required to spend a fortune to acquire them.


You can buy toughened glass in several shapes, styles, and colors to match with your home décor. You can also use toughened glass for your shower screen as well. Also, toughened glass can be customized as per your requirements. You can opt for any shape, size, or edge you require. So contact Rover City Glass today to chat about your needs!

4 Advantages of Security Screens

It is important to make the right investment decisions in your home and how to save on expenditures. Many Australian homeowners remain concerned about this. But, now you can finally stop worrying about Window Security Screens Brisbane. When you own a home, it becomes one of the major single investments that everyone strives for. Soon after you have owned a home, you need to spend money on its upkeep and retaining its value. Security has emerged as a vital element of your house’s curb appeal. It is imperative to invest in premium security screens as they can significantly reduce robbery or theft attempts.

The security screens also offer several other advantages as discussed below:

1. Durability:

Security screens offer great durability as they are manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum. They are built in such a way that means they can last for a long period of time. They are so robust that they can look mint new even after years of use. Also, they can sustain rough treatment by various elements with effortless ease and withstand any forced entry into your house as a result of their design materials. They offer strong resistance to corrosion in the harsh and saline atmosphere. Sound like something you require? Contact River City Glass for premium Glass Repair Services to purchase top-quality security screens.

2. Value-added:

The housing market in Australia has witnessed some level of volatility of late due to a variety of factors. Leading cities such as Sydney and Brisbane were in some sort of bubble as prices fluctuated. Security screens assured possible buyer’s security of their homes. The screens can also significantly enhance the curb appeal, especially for houses situated in crime-prone suburbs.

3. Cooling:

The various types of security screens also provide you the option to enjoy open windows in the scorching hot months. You may leave them open and enjoy the cool breeze blowing through your area. This will also mean that you no longer rely so heavily on airconditioners, in turn, reducing electricity bills. Glass Replacement Services offer you security screens at cost-effective prices.

4. Fire Insurance:

If you are paying insurance premiums on your property, you may need to pay a smaller premium with the addition of the vital security screens. Security screens have emerged highly impenetrable to flying debris. They have emerged quite useful in enhancing your home’s security during a bushfire.


The significance of security screens has been rising in Australia due to the aforementioned four advantages. You can purchase top-quality security screens from River City Glass – premium suppliers of Security Screen Doors Brisbane at competitive prices. These screens also offer a huge level of stress relief. Instead of inhabiting your mind with several security concerns, you can travel with a relaxed mind when you opt for these screens. They will also prevent the invasion of dreadful insects into your home and allow you to sleep peacefully.


6 Window Replacement Myths Busted

 Are you planning a window replacement for your house? Do you need a shower screen replacement but are worried about the myths that prevail in your mind. There are various fallacy stories regarding window replacement that prevent homeowners from proceeding. So, here in this blog post, we are going to bust the myths that have been prevalent for long:

Myth#1: Windows needs replacement all at once

Many people believe that all their house windows should be replaced at one time, which is not true. There is no set rule; you can opt for a window replacement based on choice and preference. You can either replace all the windows of your house in one go or can consider doing it one by one as your budget permits. There is no such protocol for window replacement project and can be handled as per the desires of the homeowner.

Myth#2: No window replacement in winters

A few people believe that winters are a ‘no-no’ for window replacement as it may allow the cold and chilly breeze to enter your house. This is again a misconception. Consider seeking assistance from a professional glass replacement near me and see how they can get the windows of your home replaced without letting the weather elements affect your house.

Myth#3: Lengthy task

Yes, window replacement is a big job, but at the same time it does not take weeks. Customisation of windows to suit the taste of homeowners may take a long time, but its installation can be completed within a couple of days. It all depends on the person you are hiring; consider seeking expert services and see how they can get your work completed in no time.

Myth#4: Will damage your house

This myth is, again, something that has no factual correlation. An experienced professional can get your windows, and glass sliding doors Brisbane replaced without damaging the style and structure of your home. There is only damage if the house is already falling apart. Do not be swayed away by any such myths and seek window replacement services by professionals for a perfect finishing.

Myth#5: Windows cannot be altered with replacement

If the old and traditional windows do not match your style anymore, you can surely go in for something new that suits you. There is no such rule that can prevent you from altering the styles of the previously existing windows of your home. You are free to pick on any style and pattern you desire and do not have to fall for any such false claims that restrict you from altering the style.

Myth#6: DIY Window replacement is a bed of roses

You may come across various videos that boast of making you a master in window replacement. But take a deep breath and agree that not everything is your cup of tea. It is always a good idea to leave such tasks to the professionals rather than trying out DIY.


We hope that the above facts have surely burst your myth bubbles and given you an idea of the reality of window replacement. So what are you waiting for? Call in for glass repair near me and get started to let your windows breathe fresh.




Window Cracks and Tips to Quick Fix Them

When you have a broken glass window it’s not just an eyesore but it will also become unsafe. Glass Shelves Brisbane has immense expertise in dealing with all types of window cracks. A crack in a window does not only invite harmful insects to your house but it may also attract thieves as well. It is likely to pose a huge safety threat to the inhabitants. Therefore, it becomes imperative to get the crack fixed by professionals. The first step towards this direction is to find out the type of crack that has occurred.

Here are a few things that you must be aware of about window cracks:

Types of Window Cracks

There are three types of window cracks that you may face:

1. Stress cracks:

These are small and happen most often near the edge of your window. And, over a period of time, it may expand and spread all over the glass thus becoming a bigger issue. These cracks occur as a result of sharp fluctuations in temperature.

2. Pressure cracks:

These are the most common types of break in windows. They generally takes place in double panned windows or insulated glass. These cracks are caused by intense shifts in pressure. They may also occur when windows are installed either at an excessively low or too high level of elevation. Consequently, the windows fail to endure the pressure of such a situation and cracks develop. You should call Brisbane window replacement when you encounter such scenarios.

3. Impact cracks:

These are caused by the sharp force of an object that hits the window. It is not difficult to identify these cracks because of the recognisable starburst shape that spreads outward from the point of the impact. And, you need to be careful when you clean up the broken pieces of glass. It is advised not to remove the shattered window on your own.

Tips to Quick Fix Cracks on Window Glass

When you repair broken glass in a window, it is generally a temporary fix. You may try some quick fixes but the best way to fix a glass is to install a new replacement windowpane. Discussed below are a few tips to quick fix window cracks:

  • Masking tape: You can try masking tape on either side of the crack on the glass. This will help in keeping the glass safe and stop it from breaking any further. It will also prevent water from leaking through. You must ensure to extend the tape beyond the crack on both sides and press it with force for effective results. Broken Glass Repair Brisbane will effectively replace the broken window and install a new one.
  • Glass adhesive: This is a good option. You need to clean the break and remove any debris before you apply tape to the back of the crack. It will keep the adhesive from leaking out the opposite side of your window. You need to use a syringe or brush and apply the adhesive to the crack. Then let it dry fully prior to removing the tape.
  • Plastic cover: You can apply a thick plastic cover on top of the window crack. You need to cut a plastic piece that should be big enough to cover the surface area of broken glass. You may cut the piece from a shower curtain, shopping bag, tarp, or any other plastic sheet.


The aforementioned options will help you fix the window crack. You should speak to Window Repairs Brisbane to handle the situation more permanently.