Window Cracks and Tips to Quick Fix Them

When you have a broken glass window it’s not just an eyesore but it will also become unsafe. Glass Shelves Brisbane has immense expertise in dealing with all types of window cracks. A crack in a window does not only invite harmful insects to your house but it may also attract thieves as well. It is likely to pose a huge safety threat to the inhabitants. Therefore, it becomes imperative to get the crack fixed by professionals. The first step towards this direction is to find out the type of crack that has occurred.

Here are a few things that you must be aware of about window cracks:

Types of Window Cracks

There are three types of window cracks that you may face:

1. Stress cracks:

These are small and happen most often near the edge of your window. And, over a period of time, it may expand and spread all over the glass thus becoming a bigger issue. These cracks occur as a result of sharp fluctuations in temperature.

2. Pressure cracks:

These are the most common types of break in windows. They generally takes place in double panned windows or insulated glass. These cracks are caused by intense shifts in pressure. They may also occur when windows are installed either at an excessively low or too high level of elevation. Consequently, the windows fail to endure the pressure of such a situation and cracks develop. You should call Brisbane window replacement when you encounter such scenarios.

3. Impact cracks:

These are caused by the sharp force of an object that hits the window. It is not difficult to identify these cracks because of the recognisable starburst shape that spreads outward from the point of the impact. And, you need to be careful when you clean up the broken pieces of glass. It is advised not to remove the shattered window on your own.

Tips to Quick Fix Cracks on Window Glass

When you repair broken glass in a window, it is generally a temporary fix. You may try some quick fixes but the best way to fix a glass is to install a new replacement windowpane. Discussed below are a few tips to quick fix window cracks:

  • Masking tape: You can try masking tape on either side of the crack on the glass. This will help in keeping the glass safe and stop it from breaking any further. It will also prevent water from leaking through. You must ensure to extend the tape beyond the crack on both sides and press it with force for effective results. Broken Glass Repair Brisbane will effectively replace the broken window and install a new one.
  • Glass adhesive: This is a good option. You need to clean the break and remove any debris before you apply tape to the back of the crack. It will keep the adhesive from leaking out the opposite side of your window. You need to use a syringe or brush and apply the adhesive to the crack. Then let it dry fully prior to removing the tape.
  • Plastic cover: You can apply a thick plastic cover on top of the window crack. You need to cut a plastic piece that should be big enough to cover the surface area of broken glass. You may cut the piece from a shower curtain, shopping bag, tarp, or any other plastic sheet.


The aforementioned options will help you fix the window crack. You should speak to Window Repairs Brisbane to handle the situation more permanently.