3 Ways You Can Improve a Bathroom with One Piece of Glass

In general, adding the much-needed Wow factor to your bathroom doesn’t always require a complete renovation. Instead, it could be as simple as adding one piece of glass. Yes, you read well. Even one sheet of glass can completely transform your bathroom and improve the aesthetics of it.

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Now, let’s continue and have a look at the top three ways you can improve your bathroom with glass:

1. Include a Frameless Shower Screen

Frameless shower screens are really growing in popularity these days. And, without a shadow of a doubt, this piece of glass can make a huge difference in a bathroom. The simplicity and clean lines of such shower screens are an adequate upgrade for those old framed shower doors or curtains. Also, frameless shower screens are quite versatile and can be either stationary or hinged and used for rounded or square corners.

2. Customize Vanity Mirror

Next, you can update your bathroom with one piece of glass and without doing an entire renovation by replacing your vanity mirror with a custom option. One option worth considering is a wall-to-wall custom mirror that fits around outlets and/or light switches. Also, you could add two matching mirrors in geometric shapes over double sinks. Or, you may choose your vanity mirrors to be cut to unique shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you can ask for metal-wrapped or beveled edge vanity mirrors.

3. Install Floating Glass Shelves

Last but not least, installing floating glass shelves is yet another way to use one sheet of glass to improve the aesthetics of a bathroom. By choosing this idea you will not only add an extra touch to your existing bathroom but also declutter the mess around your vanity or shower. And, if you prefer, you can choose dimensions, glass style, and bracket type that fits the rest of your bathroom décor. Once you have glass shelves installed, just place items directly on them or add baskets.

If some of these ideas are the right solution for your bathroom, contact River City Glass and update your bathroom with only one piece of glass.