How to Decorate Bare Walls Using Glass

Without a shadow of a doubt, completely bare walls feel dull. So, why not add some beauty, character, and charm to them? The following ideas and tips by the leading glass repair and security screens Brisbane company  – River City Glass – will help you update your home using glass in a very creative way. Just read on and find out how you can decorate bare walls with glass:

1. Small Antique Mirrors

First and foremost, you have to understand that what we actually mean when we say antique mirrors. Namely, it doesn’t mean that those have to be antiquities, but that the mirrors are made from a new reflective acid-washed glass that provides an aged appearance. When compared to standard mirrors, they add depth and warmth to contemporary looks and match perfectly with vintage décor. And, by covering an unused wall with this type of mirror, you will get a stunning focal point.

2. Back Painted Glass

While small antique mirrors add warmth to rooms in vintage style, back-painted glass is the type that fits perfectly in modern up-to-date décor. Back painted glass is actually low iron glass painted on the pack so that it makes the color shine through the ultra-clear glass. It is perfect for creating modern wall art, by either covering an entire bare wall or attaching smaller pieces in your desired arrangement. Plus, you can choose from a great range of colours to match the rest of the décor and pick the shapes and sizes you prefer.

3. Glass Shelves

Installing glass shelves as the foundation of an eye-catching display is yet another creative idea of using glass for decorating bare walls. They can easily provide a floating effect since clear glass is see-through and won’t visually fill up space. In other words, they will simply act as the foundation for displaying items such as family photos, antiquities, collectibles, etc. Furthermore, you can have your glass shelves cut in the size and glass type you prefer, and placed according to your desire to further personalize the look of the display.

4. A Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall, with a special focus on mirrors, is yet another way to beautify bare wall space. It is also the best solution for those who prefer a more eclectic assortment of wall hangings. To highlight mirror glass you could hang multiple unframed mirrors in several geometric shapes. You can also make a mix of both framed and unframed mirrors and add photos or prints for a more personalised touch. Another great combination is one big wall mirror paired with several smaller ones on the sides.

The bottom line, using glass for decorating bare and unused walls needs creativity and professional help of course. Hence, if you want some of the above-listed ideas a reality, don’t hesitate and contact the leading company – River City Glass – offering the ultimate glass repair services.