4 Creative Ideas for Glass in Your Home

Glass can serve a variety of functions. Not only is glass used in glass shelves Brisbanebut glass is also being used as tabletops and frames. In fact, glass can be used almost anywhere for upscaling the aesthetic of your home.

Read further to get some creative ideas on how to use glass in your home:

1. Glass chic view

You may find small glass windows to be dull and boring and may feel the need to replace them with full-sized windows that unveil unrestricted views. Unlike blinds that help you to create a barrier for the natural light, full-size frosted glass windows can let in some sunshine without putting your privacy at stake. It offers openness and curates a perfect dramatic effect to let you laze around with the sunshine kissing your face.

2. Revamping your Interior

Apart from letting that extra portion of sunlight inside your warm and cosy rooms, you can also add some posh ambience by using glass for your home decor. Whether it be your coffee table, frames or glass trays, glass can play the perfect role in revamping your interior and adding more character to home.

3. Flower vases

Gone are the days when vases were restricted to ceramics and clay. Glass vases are classic and sheik; they can serve to be a superb partner for your pretty flowers and can add more charm and extravagance to your fresh flower arrangement.

4. Glass Stair Rail

Glass stair rails have recently emerged as a classy new trend. Rather than wooden or metal star rails, glass offers a clean and crisp alternative.


Glass is extremely versatile, and can be the perfect solution for a variety of things. But of course if you suffer any breakages along the way, get in touch with River City Glass, for top quality Broken Glass Repairs in Brisbane.