What to Do When You See Your Windows are Broken

Smashed windows are a common occurrence and there are several causes. The good thing is that you can always get it replaced by contacting a local glass replacement company nearby such as River City Glass – Brisbane’s best. It is crucial to never leave broken glass in its current state. You must always get it fixed at your earliest convenience. Broken glass not only mars the beauty of your home but it may also pose several safety threats.


1. Find out the cause:

Before you proceed to call someone to fix your smashed window, find out the cause. If there was a major storm, you need to find out what other possessions in the room may be at risk. And, if wind and precipitation caused the damage, the problem may be more intense. On the other hand, if the window is cracked due to children playing, the incident may not as risky. You may seek the assistance of Emergency Glass Replacement professionals at River City Glass and get the issue fixed.

2. Cover the affected spot:

You must take immediate steps to cover the affected spot as a temporary fix. If the situation is grave, you may shut the room and ensure not to allow anyone entry until it gets fixed. Once everyone is away, you may start safeguarding the affected window. When glass gets smashed as a result of an impact, the broken pieces may have scattered all over the room. So cover the area adequately to keep everyone safe or try your very best to vacuum every single piece.

3. Contact the experts:

When you spot a broken window, it becomes an obvious step to call the professionals from River City Glass – Emergency Glass Door Repair. The experts will immediately arrive and replace the broken window at the earliest. It will not only offer you peace of mind but enhance your safety as well. In the meantime, don’t forget to call your insurance company to begin a required claim.

4. Remove all stray glass pieces from the spot:

When you are sure that glass repair professionals are coming to fix the glass, you may begin cleaning the area. Do not remove your shoes and make sure that the shoes you choose to wear can withstand parts of the broken glass. Put on your heavy-duty gloves and clear the area. You must also ensure that you are wearing long pants, and a surgical mask for increased protection. You may leave the tough job for experts and take all precautions for everyone around you. You may wrap all broken pieces of glass in paper and keep them in a plastic bag.


You may also keep a temporary covering unless and until the Bathroom Wall Mirrors professionals arrive. If you are thinking of living with an empty frame, it may not be a wise choice – we don’t suggest this. A temporary covering will enhance your safety. It will effectively prevent the entry of pests, intruders, and other unwanted elements into your home.