Choosing the Right Glass Enclosure for Your Shower

A shower takes up a lot of space in your bathroom and plays a huge role in the overall design and décor. For this reason, the ultimate glass repair and shower screen replacement expert in Brisbane – River City Glass – will help you choose the right shower enclosure for your bathroom. What are your options?

1. Single door entrance

Regardless of the size of the shower, large or small, installing a single swinging door may be ideal. It is a standard solution for water containment. The width of the door depends upon the size of the shower; it can be the width of one door. And when it comes to personalization and style, you can choose the preferred hardware and glass type. In general, people are opting for clear glass, but if you need more privacy, you can choose patterned, tinted, or frosted glass.

2. Shower screens

Yet another popular choice for those looking for elegance and simplicity is a shower screen. It is actually one single sheet of frameless glass installed near the showerhead so the rest of the bathroom is protected from water. There’s an open entrance on the other end. Plus, there are also several options you can choose from. You decide whether you want it to be stationary or hinged, have rounded or square corners, and the glass type, of course. Also worth mentioning, shower screens made from clear glass are an excellent choice for those with small bathrooms, as they make the room feel larger.

3. Barn style doors

Barn style doors are the ultimate option for bathrooms that don’t have enough space for a swinging door or for people who simply love glass sliding doors. With such door systems, your shower fully will be enclosed while achieving the illusion of spaciousness. You can choose between a single or dual door system. If you choose a single door, you would have one glass panel moving in front of another fixed panel, whereas if you installed a dual door system, you would have two glass sliding doors moving past one another. Regardless of your choice, your bathroom will certainly look amazing.

4. Corner shower angles

Finally, corner showers are among the most common choices of many homeowners, both in the case of building a new home or renovating an old one. You can choose to have two glass panels extending from the corner of the shower and meeting at a 90-degree angle – a right angle corner shower. Or you can choose to have your corner shower enclosed by three glass panels, two of which extend from the corner at a 90-degree angle with a third that meets them at 35-degree angle, called neo angle corner shower. Both corner shower types are space-friendly and fit any bathroom style.

To get the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom, contact River City Glass today. It is the go-to company for glass repair and shower screen replacement and installation.