Benefits of Installing a Security Screen Door

There’s no doubt that a door is the first line of defence against intruders. For this reason, it pays to invest in security screen doors if you want to feel safe in your home and protect your family. However, having a secure home isn’t the only benefit of installing security screens. In this article, River City Glass – the leading window and door replacement and security screens specialist in Brisbane – provides the following list of additional benefits.

1. Increased security

As the name itself suggests, security screen doors provide an increased level of security and protection thanks to the choice of material (steel), secure non-removable hinges, and a strong frame. Plus, the security mesh used cannot be cut or pried open. All in all, they are designed specifically with security in mind.

2. Enhanced privacy

Not only do security screens offer greater security, but they also help you ensure more privacy. The angle of the mesh and its thickness act like two-way mirrors, making it harder for people to see inside your home. However, the view from the inside is uninterrupted, and you can see clearly what’s happening outside.

3. Better first impressions

When people think of security doors, they immediately imagine ugly bars and grills. However, that’s not the case with security screen doors; they actually add an eye-catching touch and style to your home. As your front door is the first thing people see when visiting your home, security screens boost first impressions for sure.

4. Protects from Insects

We all know how challenging it can be in the warmer months to keep both insects and certain animals away from the comfort of your home while being able to let the fresh air in. Luckily, by installing security screen doors, you can easily do so and enjoy your home without worrying about those dreaded mosquitos and pests.

5. Improved ventilation

Having doors and windows open to let in natural light and fresh air in is getting harder and harder as crime rates are rising. It’s a pity that Aussies aren’t able to take advantage of the beautiful coastal climate. Yet, thanks to the mesh design of security screen doors, better ventilation is enabled while removing mould and stale air from the home.

6. Increased home value

Having security screen doors installed in your home adds great value to the entire property; the ROI (return of investment) is greater when people decide to sell their homes. In addition, security screens also improve the curb appeal, which also increases the property value.

Now that you know the main benefits of installing security screen doors, it’s time to contact River City Glass and get the ultimate window and door replacement services.