Clear vs. Frosted Glass Showers

Are you planning to renovate your home and keen to upgrade your bathroom? When you decide to upgrade to a glass shower enclosure, you need to make plenty of decisions. But, all your worries can be tackled with ease by professionals available at Brisbane glass specialists. The experts can help you decide everything ranging from the kind of enclosure to the design that you desire. They will also tell you how the design will look in the bathroom after it is installed. However, you need to answer one of the most crucial questions. You must ask yourself whether you want a clear or a frosted shower door.

Let’s look into it about it with a comparison between clear and frosted glass in the bathroom.

Clear Glass Shower Doors

  1. Enhance your space: The main factor in the favour of clear glass shower doors is that they can give your bathroom a modern and open design. When you get clear glass installed, it gives the room a larger and brighter appearance. Even if the space is small, it will look bigger with clear glass shower doors. You can purchase top quality clear glass shower doors from a Brisbane bathroom glass specialist.


  1. Brighten your bath area: When you opt for clear glass shower it will help in brightening your bathroom. If your bathroom has limited natural light, clear glass shower doors can help keep the room looking light and airy. If you have a small bath area, you should select light paint colours, clear glass doors, and tiles. These will help in making the bathroom spacious.

Pros of Frosted Glass Shower Doors

  1. Functional and private: Frosted glass helps in maintaining your privacy unlike the clear shower doors. If there are several people using the bathroom at one time, you will not face any problem with frosted glass. The functionality of the bathroom will not be impacted by several users. This glass works very well for small families with only one bathroom and several children. You can source frosted glass shower doors from leading from professionals at River City Glass.


  1. Multiple design options: The major advantage of frosted glass is that it is available in many design options that you can choose from. You have the option rain glass, textured glass, and etched glass for your bathroom.


  1. Minimum cleaning: When you decide in the favour of a frosted glass shower door, it can effectively hide water and soap marks. You will not be required to clean them at a frequent level. This may prove ideal for those individuals who lead a busy life.


It’s up to you which one is ideal for your bathroom based on the above advantages of both types of glass shower doors. You can purchase top quality clear glass shower doors and frosted glass shower doors from top bathroom glass professionals. Clear glass shower doors are available in the latest sleek designs. They can effectively make your bathroom area seem bigger no matter how small the room is. Meanwhile, frosted glass shower doors increase privacy and are easy to maintain. They also don’t require as much cleaning. However, they may make your bathroom appear comparatively smaller and less bright than clear glass.