Different Types of Glass Showers for Different Bathroom Requirements

A bathroom is considered one of the most important parts of any home and efforts must be made to make it comfortable. If you are planning to replace or renovate your bathroom, you need to consider the kind of glass shower you should get installed. You can seek help on this front from your local glass specialist. You need to assess what kind of shower surround will work for your bathroom. The answer will vary and it will also depend on the kind of bathroom you have and who will be using it.

Here are the types of glass shower doors for your bathroom that you should not overlook:

Master bath area:

The master bathroom is usually attached to the main bedroom and needs to be an area of luxury. Generally, master bathrooms are fitted with a stand-alone tub and shower enclosure. You may want to consider neo angle showers as they work great next to a stand-alone tub. Additionally, neo angle showers can add dimension and make your bathroom appear larger. As master bathrooms are often bigger, you may opt for clear glass to make it feel even more spacious, open, and luxurious.

You may contact local glass specialist to secure neo angle showers.

Big bathroom:

The sky is the limit for bigger bathrooms. You have several options to choose from. You can establish a spa-type bathroom when you have a huge space. Partial enclosure and swinging doors have emerged as options. In a partial enclosure, you can fit a walk-in shower. You can use glass panels that will work as your glass shower door. Swinging doors are also good if you have got space to adjust them.

Small bathroom:

If you have a small bathroom in your home, there might be inadequate space for the glass shower enclosure that you desire. You may need to consider options more suited for smaller areas such as those with a bifold door, a sliding door, or a shower/bath combination in such bath areas. River City Glass has established a reputation as a leading supplier of these doors. The bifold shower has emerged perfect space save for these bathrooms as they close in on themselves. Sliding shower doors also do not require much space. If you got a huge shower enclosure or tub, you may want to opt for sliding shower doors. And, clear glass can make your bath area appear spacious and well-lit.

Family bathroom:

With the presence of children, the family bathroom has different and sometimes changing requirements. You might want to use a bath and shower combo for these bathrooms as it can be more versatile. Sliding glass doors work well with these as they are able to keep the water inside the bath during bathing time. Frosted glass is also a terrific option in the family bathroom as it gives children who share a bathroom some privacy.


You should consider the above options when you are set to renovate your bathroom. You can get in touch with a glass specialist to execute the above ideas. If you have a guest bathroom, you may want to opt for a corner shower or swinging shower door options. While in a senior bathroom, you can create an ideal enclosure with the options of a swinging shower door and a curbless shower. In senior bathrooms, it is a good idea to opt for seats and grab bars for extra safety.