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How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door That Sticks

Do you have a sliding glass door in your home that continues to get stuck? It is time for some small maintenance to fix the issue. If you are hesitant about doing work on glass yourself, look to the professionals at River City Glass for help.

If you are confident, here are some tips to fix a sliding glass door that sticks:

1. Remove the sliding door

You will need some help with this part of the project. Glass sliding doors are quite heavy and fragile. There is a risk the door may fall and you should have someone holding it firmly at all times.

Locate the adjustment screw covers on the sides of the door at the bottom. You may need to remove the covers. Once you have someone holding the door, use a screwdriver for to move the rollers to free the door. Keep the door towards the middle of the opening. Gradually slant the top edge of the door in your direction. If you lack clearance, the top rollers must be adjusted higher. Carefully remove the door to keep it aside. You may seek help from Glass Repair Capalaba professionals to remove the door.

2. Clean sliding glass door track

After removing the door, you must focus on cleaning the tracks. You can use a vacuum to remove debris in the track. A hard brush with hot and soapy water can should then be used to clean the track. Perform the same procedure with the top and bottom edge of the glass door. Dry the track with a clean cloth.

3. Lubricate sliding glass door track

If you have vinyl door tracks, you should use a non-stick silicone lubricant. Use a hard wax-like candle wax to clean wood tracks. You can also get specific door track lubricants from Brisbane glass repair specialists. Always avoid using grease or oil-based lubricant as they will attract more dirt. You should apply a thin coating of lubricant to the top and bottom of the door track.


Follow the above steps to fix a sliding glass door that sticks every now and then. After these steps, you should reinstall the door and examine the rollers and hardware. You can call Glass Repair Services Capalaba to reinstall the door. Rollers emerged as the main reason for stickiness. If you spot some damage, eliminate rollers and get their replacement from a hardware store. After the door gets installed on the track, you can use a screwdriver for adjusting rollers. It is advised to adjust the rollers until they touch the track and the door does not shake.