Which Type of Glass Should I Select for My Shower Screen?

When it comes to a shower screen, you might either prefer frosted glass or clear glass. What is important is to understand the importance of the quality of glass and the content of iron holds. The latter determines its overall look when used without a frame. There are numerous different kinds of glass, which vary in price and quality.

Following are a few recommendations that can be considered when choosing a high quality, long-lasting shower screen:

1. Standard Clear Glass:

Standard clear glass is frameless and is of 10mm with clear glass. It is the one most popularly considered when we talk about Shower Screens in Brisbane. This type of glass contains a standard amount of iron in it and gives a hint of green when you look through it. However, from the edges, the deep green colour can be observed.

2. Low Iron Glass:

This is another 10mm glass but from a more expensive range of screens. This particular screen undergoes a special process that increases its cost. During the process, as much iron as possible is extracted from the glass which gives it a blue tint. This particular sheet of glass is also used without frames.

3. Satina Acid Etched Glass:

This is yet another 10mm glass but with a frosted finish. If you like that frosted look, this should be on the top of your list. This glass is the usual standard clear glass which was mentioned above. In order to give that frosted look to the glass, the screen undergoes an acid treatment that etches the glass and gives it that frosted look. Talking about these frosted glass shower screens in Brisbane, they do cost slightly more than the standard clear glass. The reason being, is that another processing layer of treatment is done in low iron glass. Hence, the price of low iron and etched glass is more or less the same.

4. Low Iron Mattelux:

This is another amazing 10mm suggestion for a good shower glass screen. The name pretty much sums it up. The iron content is low and this makes it more expensive. The glass undergoes the frosting treatment and the iron extraction. Hence, it is one of the most expensive shower glasses that you can consider, to give your bathroom a super-classy look.


There are loads of options that might confuse you when considering the best shower screens for your bathroom. In case you are looking for a shower screen replacement company in Brisbane, the above-mentioned options from River City Glass will cater to your needs as per your budget and preference.