How to Fix Squeaky Shower Doors

When shower doors start squeaking and making irritating noises, it can be frustrating. There are so many reasons as to why a shower door squeaks but sometimes it’s not entirely straight forward. It isn’t unusual for a DIY fix to not always prove successful. During such times, shower screen replacement in Brisbane is the perfect option.

Why do Shower Doors Squeak?

There are various reasons for a noisy shower door. The usual checkpoints are as below:

1. Renovation: One of the common reasons for a squeaky door can also be work done in the bathroom. When renovating a bathroom, dust gets deposited in hinges or frames if you have had a recent wood panel change, repair work done or something like Mirror Installation Brisbane done.

2. Hinges: The first thing you should do is run a finger along the door hinges and check for any loose screws. Loose hinges are the most common reason for squeaky shower doors. Once you tighten the screws, the noise should stop.

3. Pivot Hinge: Because the pivot hinge takes the weight of the entire door, over time it can start making noises. Open and close the shower door slowly to find out the exact location.

4. Frame: If it is not the hinges, then it could be the shower door frame. Most doors have aluminium framing and when dirt or grime gets deposited in the gap between hinges and the frame, it starts squeaking; cleaning it with a toothbrush should be enough.

How to Fix the Squeaking Noise?

Cleaning and lubricating can work. In other cases you may need shower screen replacement in Brisbane.

Let’s have a look at the following things which you try, to fix a squeaking shower door:

  • Corrosion removal: The first thing to do is to remove dirt for the hinges and around it. For that, you can apply water-displacing spray on the hinges and the area around it. Open and close the door and apply the water spray 3 or 4 times to clean it thoroughly.
  • Lubrication: Once the hinges are clean, you will notice that they make a lot less noise or sometimes none at all. If they still make a slight noise, try to apply a lubricant on the inside as well as outside hinges and open and close the door multiple times. This will make the oil or lubricant spread properly. Wipe any excess oil with a paper towel. Now the door should operate without the squeaky noise.
  • Cleaning: Excess lubricant attracts dirt and causes it to stick. Dilute some liquid soap in warm water and clean the hinges with a toothbrush. Then rinse the hinges with cold water, wipe them with a soft cloth and apply a little lubricant to keep them running smoothly.


If these tips don’t work for you then there may be bigger issues at play and River City Glass in Brisbane can help you to find the issue and sort out various solutions for your choosing.