How to Seal a Cracked Window

When you see a new crack developing on your windowpane, you may get worried about the security of your home. A crack can increase the risk to your home and property and may lead to burglary. It is imperative to fix the crack as soon as you notice it before something serious occurs. In the meantime, it is safest to seal and secure the window pane without any delay. You also need to check the gravity of the crack. You may also seek the services of Mirror Replacement Brisbane to find out if the window needs replacement.

Given below are tips that will help you seal a cracked window:

1. Examine the broken window:

Check the condition of the broken glass. Now put on a pair of heavy-duty work gloves. If you find out it is just a crack and no glass is missing, you need to feel the cracked area. Now press the glass with light force to make sure that it is not loose enough to fall out on its own.

2. Tape:

You need to secure a clear packing tape. Now place a piece of tape on the cracked glass only if the glass feels robust. Do not forget to apply tape to the cracked spot on the opposite side of the broken glass. It will bring strength to the area and stop further damage right away. Now rub the pieces of tape with your fingernail to eliminate air bubbles if you see any.

3. Look for small holes:

Look for small holes in the broken windowpane or any missing pieces of glass near the joint of cracks. You need to patch small holes with little quantity of clear nail paint. Apply it in layers of small quantities at a time. Let the nail paint dry between coats. You need to follow the procedure of applying nail paints until the holes get patched.

4. Cover with layers of plastic:

Window Repairs Brisbane offers great expertise to tackle the problem of cracked windows. In the meantime, if you cover the broken area with thick plastic this will make it extra secure when transporting.


The above discussed steps will help you temporarily fix the issue. It will prevent further damage to the window pane. The measures will also enhance your security. You may call professionals at River City Glass, Glass Shelves Brisbane to seek their opinion. If they find the crack severe, they will replace the glass completely. As Christmas is around the corner, make sure that all your window panes are in perfect condition. If you spot any cracks, fix the issue at your earliest convenience.