Repairing Bathroom Windows

Weirdly, bathroom windows are very different to the other windows in the house, this is because the function of a bathroom window is different from other windows that need glass replacement in Capalaba.

How are Bathroom Windows Different?

Bathroom windows are made from different materials and their basic function differs from other windows. Bathroom windows are made from a combination of frosted and toughened glass. Frosted design blocks the clear view inside the bathroom and toughened glass saves you from serious injury. So, toughened glass is added to shower screens Capalaba so that the glass does not break easily.

Additionally, bathrooms have high levels of humidity so bathroom windows have to provide proper airflow but along with that, they also have to prevent water from getting into your walls. Moisture penetration from outside is important for any house but preventing it from inside is just as important.

Repairing Bathroom Windows

The cost of repairing a bathroom window depends on many factors: the material used, the style of the window, project size, and of course the type of damage.

The cost of repairing bathroom windows is typically higher than repairing other windows. This is because toughened glass requires sizing to be done in ones’ home, and then cut at the workshop. So, glass replacement services in Brisbane will have to visit your home to take the measurements, then cut the toughened glass at the workshop, and then re-visit your home for the fitting. Additionally, different bathrooms have different styles and placement requirements. So, for example the costs for hinged windows are different from bifold because bi-fold windows are difficult to repair and handle.

Finally, considering the humidity levels in a bathroom, often the actual damage is a lot more than what meets the eye. Therefore, the cost can increase once the River City Glass team have inspected your home.

Where Do We Come In?

We, at River City Glass, provide all kinds of glass repairing and replacement services including Shower Screen Repairs in Brisbane. No matter what the job, we can help offering expert advice and services at affordable prices. So if you have any broken bathroom windows, do not hesitate to call us. We have a budget for every household.