Quick Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger and more Beautiful

Mirrors have emerged as an indispensable part of any home and without them, no home is complete. You can obtain various styles of mirrors from Mirror Installation Brisbane. When you start planning your home renovation/revamp, you need to consider your windows and mirrors. They play a vital role in the major transformation of any home. You only need to spend a small amount of money on mirrors to make your home look bigger.

Here are some vital tips that you must not miss:

1. Hang mirrors at the end of a hallway:

If you have not decorated your galleries and hallways properly, they may appear gloomy, unattractive, and dark. Sometimes, your investment in works of art in a bid to decorate the wall is not sufficient. So, have you considered mirrors? The reflective nature of mirrors means that they can let more light in and make a space appear larger and less boxy. It is best to place a mirror at the end of the hallway as it will not only reflect the light from the surrounding areas but also introduce a passage. Secure glass and mirrors of different shapes and sizes from Shower Screen Replacement Brisbane at competitive prices.

2. Install mirrors behind furniture:

If your living area happens to be small in size, you’re probably keen to utilize it as best you possibly can. The best thing about installing mirrors is that they don’t take up any physical space in the room, and yet they have the power to make the space appear smaller. For instance, when you install a mirror behind the sofa, it can create an illusion of a bigger space. Additionally, it will also enhance the beauty of the area and add a shine to the whole space. You may get in touch with the experts from Window and Door Replacement in Brisbane to purchase a mirror for this area.

3. Let mirror reflect your window:

If you find your room to be dull-looking and inadequately lit, you may install a long mirror that reflects the surrounding window. The idea is to produce sufficient natural light during day time and a spectacular view of the world every time. It is worth noting that mirrors look spectacular when installed just above the dining table. Horizontal mirrors can effectively make the dining space vast.


Get in touch with the renowned team available at Frosted Glass Brisbane for your mirror installation needs and queries.