The Steps to Go Through When You Have a Glass Emergency

Glass is ubiquitous in homes in Australia. The professionals at River City Glass have extensive expertise providing and repairing top quality glass. Your windows may be subject to thunderstorms, break-in attempts, or minor accidents, which can damage or destroy the glass. When you encounter such situations, you don’t need to panic anymore. If you follow the given below guidelines, you can enhance your safety and address the problem effectively.

Here are some key features that you should consider at the time of a glass emergency:


It is important to understand the risks that a broken window, glass door, or large glass fixture can pose to people in your home. However, panicking will only aggravate the problem further. The most important thing that you should do is cover or otherwise section off the area where the glass had broken so that nobody in the house gets close to the broken pieces of glass and sustains cuts. You should also avoid handling the glass as it may cause sharp cuts to your hands or legs and these can be fatal. You should speak to Brisbane glass repair experts and have them address the problem as soon as possible.

Contact Professionals:

When you contact leading glass professionals to handle the situation, it will ensure that your problem is tackled in the most effective and safest way. They can take care of all cracks and breaks in your home’s windows, shower screens, or other glass. The glass used by these professionals is manufactured to the highest standards and can therefore sustain impacts caused by various external and environmental factors. The professionals also ensure that the breaks are fixed at the earliest and that prevents costlier repairs for damage later. You can get in touch with experts from River City Glass Brisbane and get the problem resolved.

Check Experience:

It is crucial to check the experience and credentials of any glass repair company that you plan to hire for replacing broken glass. You must check if they have adequate experience in their field or not. Additionally, you should also verify that the tradesmen are appropriate certified and insured.

Response Time:

As specified earlier, you should get the problem fixed at the earliest to enhance everyone’s safety. Therefore, you must check the response time that the company or professional offers. They should ideally provide a quick response time.


You should keep the above points in mind when you face a glass emergency. Speak with the professionals from River City Glass as they fulfil the above points. You should keep away from the spot where the glass had shattered. When the professionals will arrive they will determine the best course of action to handle the problem. And these professionals always stock various types of top-quality glass to address such issues.