Window Repair Vs. Window Replacement: What Are Your Options?

When a window becomes foggy, breaks, or leaks, it is necessary to either repair or replace it. If you find yourself in this situation, talk to Emergency Glass Repair Capalaba to explore the best solution. Sometimes a quick repair job may take care of the problem. Other times, replacing and updating the window can be a more effective and durable solution. Here are some of the reasons you may choose to replace or repair a problematic window.

When Do You Need to Repair Vs. Replace a Window?

Minor problems can often be fixed by repairing the damage, but some prefer to replace their old or broken windows. Many look to replace timber-framed windows with PVC or metal frames. If your windows have issues such as water leakage, fogging, cracked glass, or rot, it may be more appropriate to replace them. If you are keen to repair or replace your windows, speak to River City Glass experts for Glass Repair Capalaba.

Here are some detailed situations that may cause you to need replacements or repairs.

Leaking Windows

When you spot water near a window, it may be coming from around the window instead of through the glass. Sometimes, malfunctioning gutters or drainpipes force water towards your windows. In this case, you may need to apply window seals that will repel water. When a lot of water is coming in around the windows, you may need to reroute the water with a draining system. Water leakage can also imply that the external window casing is inadequate. If that is the case, it is likely time to call an expert to replace your windows.

Cracked or Broken Glass

If you spot damaged or broken glass in your window, you may be facing safety problems. When the glass is in bad shape, it is essential to replace the window promptly. If the damage is in a single-pane window, this is a relatively easy and inexpensive replacement. However, when a multi-paned glass window is damaged, repairing the problem is preferable. Speak to Glass Repair Services Brisbane to have the professionals fix cracked or broken glass issues.

Unworkable Sashes

Having an upper or lower sash that is difficult to move is a common issue with older windows. Stuck sashes can be caused by humidity or more permanent problems. It may occur because several layers of paint connect the sash and frame, holding the two together. Age and poor window installation can also be factors requiring a replacement of the window.

You should contact Glass Repair Services Capalaba from River City Glass to replace stuck sashes. We can help with any window issue and find the best solution to your window problem.