Building a New Home? Here are the Top 5 Types of Glass You Should Know

Over the years, architects have been using exquisite building materials to create gorgeous building masterpieces. Despite this,no material can replace the elegance of glass. Today, glass offers you options and styles that look nothing like the simple types of yore. Its unique features make it the most versatile home building material in the industry. Glass manufacturing has evolved to a great height over the past few decades.

Why Use Glass?

Features like durability and temperature insulation have gained a lot of ground for glass. The workability of glass is a superior property because it can be molded into any shape. Glass is a brittle material but it can be made strong enough to use as protection in windows and doors. You can get whatever you want with today which is why you should have glass in your home.

Most homeowners like houses with picture windows. There are many types of glass to choose from which can be challenging. It’s important to know the types to ensure you integrate the right onein the right place in your home. If you want a local glass replacement, let’s dive in and find more about it!

  1. Float Glass

Float glass is a smooth, distortion-free material used for designing other glass items. It provides users with a crystal clear view. Float glass is made from molten glass poured into a tin. Float glass takes the shape of large glass panels. Although it’seasy to break, it can be used for windows.

  1. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is the alternative to normal glass because it offers a tough, robust structure that is hard to break. It’s growing in popularity and has been used in many ways such as display cabinets for valuables and glass sliding doorsin commercial or residential buildings.

  1. Obscured Glass

Obscured glass allows light to come in, butit is impossible to see through. This typecanbe frosted or etched to add some design. Itis perfectfor rooms that require privacy like the bathroom and shower doors.

  1. Tempered Glass

After float glass is made, it is cooled slowly to make it strong. Tempered glass undergoes an additional process that makes it stronger as well. Tempered glass is too strong evento be cut, but it still breaks if hit hard. If you want a shower screen replacement, tempered glass is your best bet.

  1. Insulated Glass

Insulated glassis optimized for energy efficiency due to the combination of two panels of glasses and trapped air. Insulated glass reduces heat buildup during hot seasons and heat loss during the cold seasons. Insulated glass, therefore, keeps your home heating and cooling costs down.


Choosing the right type of glass may seem like a minor consideration when building a new home. But this decision may turn out to have major repercussions. Choosewisely to make your home attractive, secure, and keep the outdoor where it belongs. River City Glass offers the best glass replacement nearby, and they won’t lead you astray.