Top Reasons to Choose Frameless Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

Thinking about renovating a bathroom? Has your family outgrown the current number of bathrooms in your home? Do you need to add a new one? No worries. The leading Brisbane shower screens specialist – River City Glass – has you covered. We can assist you with shower screens, emergency glass repair, mirrors, windows and door replacements, security screens, and glass cut to size. Briefly put, we provide all the needed professional services for all your bathroom glass and glazing needs.

Since frameless shower screens are all the rage now, let’s have a look at the top reasons why you should install one in your bathroom:

1. Frameless shower screens come in different styles

First and foremost, one of the main benefits of this type of shower screen is its versatility when it comes to style. Homeowners can choose between different sizes, shapes, colours, finishes, and glass types such as clear, patterned, or frosted glass.

2. Frameless shower screens are easy to install

Second, frameless systems are much easier and quicker to install when compared to the framed type as they aren’t bolted to the wall or fit together. However, frameless shower screens have to be installed by professionals, like River City Glass, to ensure durability and longevity.

3. Frameless shower screens create an illusion of spaciousness

As these shower screens make space look more spacious and create an illusion of clean and unbroken space, they are the perfect solution for a small bathroom. On the contrary, if you opt for a standard shower, the thick frame enclosure will make your bathroom look smaller.

4. Frameless shower screens offer improved access

The most convenient aspect of installing a frameless shower screen is that the design allows the hinges to work both inward and outward. You are free to choose the preferred position of your shower and in which direction you want the shower door to open.

5. Frameless Shower Screens are Easy to Clean

We all know how important it is to keep bathrooms clean for optimal hygiene, especially during the pandemic, as we don’t want to weaken our immune system by germs and bacteria. Luckily, frameless shower screens have fewer places for soap scum and grime to accumulate so they are easier to clean and maintain.

6. Frameless shower screens are easy to repair

In addition to being easy to clean, frameless shower screen repairs are also simple overall and few things can go wrong. However, as with the installment, shower screen replacement and repair must be conducted by experts, like River City Glass.

7. Frameless shower screens offer increased safety

When compared to standard framed shower screens, frameless systems are much safer because they are thicker and made of toughened glass. You can rest assured that you will be using your shower for many years to come without worrying that it will break.

The bottom line is that frameless shower screens are a must for every home since they offer plenty of benefits. If you want to install one in your home, don’t hesitate to call the best of the best shower screens specialist – River City Glass.