Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Enclosure

Even though it seems an easy task, buying a shower enclosure can be a bewildering experience with so many different options available on the market. To help you make an informed decision and ease the selection process, River City Glass – the leading Brisbane glass repair and shower screen specialist – has come up with a list of things to consider when purchasing a shower enclosure.

1. Bathroom space

First and foremost, you have to consider the space in your bathroom and whether or not you can fit a shower enclosure in it. This isn’t tricky when it comes to glass replacement only or switching a bath with a shower, as there is obviously enough space. However, when fitting a shower into a bathroom for the first time, you had better call experts for help; they will carefully go through the dimensions and layout of the bathroom.

2. Shower positioning

Next, you have to think about where in your bathroom you want to fit a shower enclosure. You will decide whether you want it to be in the corner or another separate area. Determining the position will help you choose the right shower tray and type of door. Plus, if you are just renovating your bathroom, consider placing your new shower in the same position as the old one to reduce plumbing cost.

3. Glass type

This is clearly one of the main things to consider when buying a shower enclosure because the type of glass can have a huge impact on the overall design and look of a bathroom. Decide whether you want to have toughened thicker glass for extra safety or thinner glass for a sleek look. You will choose the actual glass type based on your privacy requirements. Thus, if you are looking for shower screens for your master bathroom, you might go for standard clear glass. But if the family bathroom is being renovated, think about installing patterned or frosted glass for more privacy.

4. Shower tray

Last but not least, you will decide whether you want to have a shower enclosure with or without a tray. If you do prefer a tray, you might consider purchasing an all-in-one solution. In other words, look for enclosures that go with trays specifically designed to fit them. Purchasing an enclosure and tray together reduces the risk of leakage and helps avoid buying the wrong size.

The bottom line is that no matter if you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, expert help is needed. You can get it by contacting the ultimate glass repair specialist in Brisbane – River City Glass.

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