How to Clean a Frameless Glass Shower Screen

Over time, frameless shower glass screens can grow mould and grime, and it gets quite difficult to clean. So, if you’re wondering how to keep your frameless glass shower screens in Brisbane shiny and clean keep on reading!

Here are four important tips to keep your frameless shower screens clean and heigenic:

1. Properly Ventilate Your Bathroom

We all know the golden rule – try not to keep your bathrooms damp. Damp bathrooms are an open invitation to all sorts of insects, yeast formation, and of course mould. Hence, this is a consequence of not keeping your bathroom properly ventilated. After hot showers, the vapors may get into the nooks of your shower screen and mirrors and the dirty water may dry the glass. This can give birth to mildew and mould. It is, therefore, necessary to have properly ventilated bathrooms.

2. Every Happy Bathroom Solution – Squeegee

Ignoring your mouldy shower screens is not abnormal, who wants to clean grime and dirt in their spare time? But it is important to try and avoid shower screen replacement and other heavy investments. Squeegees can help you keep your shower screens and mirrors neat and shiny every day. So pick up your squeegee and get it done easily!

3. Use Cleaning Sprays

Shower screens may have built up dirt marks and mould and after time this dirt becomes more stubborn than others. For such marks, you need a stronger solution than a squeegee – we suggest a strong and potent cleaning spray. These sprays allow dirt to become soft and easy to clean without leaving behind scratches and permanent marks. Use them once or twice a week as per the dirt accumulation.

4. The Magic of an Eraser

We all love magical solutions. At times, when nothing works, all we need is a magical tool to get things done. So evidently by the name, a magic eraser is a sponge that will absorb all the stubborn dirt marks that never seem to leave. Because of the sponge’s property to quickly absorb moisture, it will help collect all the moist and vapor and smoothen the surface. This can be done within seconds and it will leave you with an “aha” moment. Magical isn’t it?


Shower screens and bathroom mirrors in Brisbane are easily susceptible to permanent dirt marks and the development of mildew. Proper care of these mirrors and shower screens can help save your time and money. So, try these four tips to help you keep your bathroom spottless!