Simple Broken Glass Repair Services in Brisbane

Is your glass window or door broken by mistake? It will be very costly if your window or door has a single and large glass. But if any glass piece is broken, then you don’t need to worry. It will be repaired or replaced very easily and doesn’t give much cost to your pocket. River City Glass is a very well-known and affordable broken glass repair service provider company in Brisbane Northside and Southside. Our glass window repair specialists immediately respond to your requirement faster than others in Capalaba. In addition, we can cover all your glass requirements such as glass windows, doors, shelves, fencing & much more.

Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Simply fix the glass
  • Affordable in cost
  • Emergency service
  • Faster respond and repair

Types of Broken Glass Repaired/Replaced:

  • Single Pane Glass
  • Double Pane (Insulated) Glass Window
  • Patio Glass Door
  • Obscure Glass
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Stained Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Security Glass

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Brisbane shower screens and window replacement

Newly supplied and installed shower screens and window replacement throughout Brisbane has being keeping us busy. River City Glass offers competitive prices and excellent workmanship.  Give us a call for an obligation free quote. We are based in Capalaba, and cover Brisbane and all surrounding area.

We also offer so much more. Mirrors, glass shelving, wardrobe doors, general glass replacement to broken windows and doors, glass cut to size, security screens for windows and doors. Quick, free, no obligation quotes, over the phone, via our website or on site, we do them all.

8 Benefits of Semi-Frameless Shower Screens that Transform the Look of a Bathroom

Bathrooms are essential places that can become an oasis where you spend some time every day. Making your bathroom a luxurious retreat from the world has become the trend these days. It is soothing to be in an elegant bathroom. One cost-effective way to transform the look of the restroom is by using the mirrors and shelves. But, for the best way to improve the look and contain the water in the shower area, semi-frameless shower screens should be considered.

Here is how a semi-frameless shower screen will change the bathroom’s look and make it extraordinary:

1. Space

A key benefit of using a semi-frameless shower screen in a bathroom is that it separates the shower area, without making the space feel smaller. The semi-frameless screen is the right way to separate your shower, without making the bathroom cramped.

2. Durable

Even when hot water is splashed on the frame, it won’t deteriorate. It is highly durable and sturdy. It is made using superior quality glass material. It acts as the best solution to keep the bathroom woes at bay. Your professional glaziers can also carry out emergency glass repairs if it ever becomes damaged.

3. Safety

Keeping water in a particular area is a challenging task, especially in the bathroom. The bathroom is the place where many people slip, trip, and fall. This area is often wet and slippery, which makes the chances of accidents high.

When you have a semi-frameless shower screen installed, it helps you to stay safe in the bathroom. However, if the glass is broken or cracked, you should contact Brisbane’s broken glass repair specialists to come to your place and fix the broken glass.

4. Hygiene

A solid plastic shower door or shower curtain can trap dirt, and be difficult to properly clean. A semi-frameless glass screen is an ideal solution as dirt and stains can be easily seen and cleaned.

5. Aesthetically Appealing

If you want to transform the bathroom’s dull look, you should consider installing a semi-frameless shower screen. It improves the visual appeal of the room as it makes the bathroom look stylish and modern. Just by adding the semi-frameless shower screen, you can change the look of the bathroom. It is the cheapest way to refurnish your bathroom.

6. Highly Durable

A semi-frameless glass screen will last longer than a plastic screen. These are made using the material that can be used every day. However, if there is any need to repair shower screens, the Brisbane glass repair professionals can fix the issue.

7. Simple to Clean

You do not have to spend a lot of money or time to maintain these shower screens. The semi-frameless screens are simple to clean compare to the old style shower curtains. The clean glass is not prone to many stains. You can use a glass cleaner and cloth to wipe off the marks on the screen.

8. Allow Natural Lighting

If you prefer ample light in the bathroom, the frameless glass shower screens will keep the room airy and bright.


These are a few benefits you can enjoy when you have a frameless glass shower screen installed in your bathroom. It is a cost-effective way to add a classic and elegant look. It is the most sought-after shower screen as it is easier to clean in every nook and cranny and make the glass look like new.

3 Signs That You May Need Your Windows Repaired

The total lifespan of windows normally remains between 15 to 35 years. However, you may face some problems during the entire lifespan of your windows. You may seek the help of Shower Screen Replacement professionals River City Glass, to fix these issues. The professionals are glass specialists and carry out repairs effectively. It is worth noting that you can enhance the life of your windows and the overall value of your property with regular repairs. It is also advisable not to indulge in window repairs on your own as you may invite several risks.

1. Water seeping through windows:

If you notice water coming through your windows, it is a potential sign that you must get the glass window repaired. If the rainwater or rain droplets enter your home, it is high time to call the professionals in. If you leave the problem unattended, it may invite mold issues. And, it is not the only issue that you may face. If your windows are not effectively fixed or sealed, it may lead to cracks and other potential weaknesses. It may also cause structural issues and health-related problems.

2. Foggy Windows:

It is normal to see your windows get foggy once in a while. But, if you notice the windows clouding up every time, it may indicate a serious problem that you shouldn’t ignore. When windows are not in the ideal condition, they may allow some external air inside and, the windows may end up getting foggy. This occurs due to the prevailing gaps in the windows. When you Google “Glass Replacement Near Me”, you will come across many experts to tackle this issue. They will either fix the issue or completely replace them with more energy-efficient windows.

3. Windows become hard to open:

Your windows should open and close without too much effort. If they become difficult to move, it implies the windows have warped. Warped windows will not only make it difficult to open and close, but it may cause cracks and gaps in the windows as well. And, you may end up losing considerable heat from your house via these holes which isn’t ideal in winter. When you start looking for Glass Repair Near Me, you will find experts, River City Glass to help fix the issue. If the experts find the warping to be in extremely bad shape, they will provide you with full window replacement.


Whenever you notice such problems in your windows, seek the help of Glass Sliding Doors in Brisbane professionals, River City Glass. Your windows not only provide you a good view of the outer world but also keep your home well-insulated. You should inspect your windows consistently and look for such issues. When more bugs enter your home, it may pose danger to the inhabitants’ safety and health. Wood frame windows may shrink and aluminum windows may warp which may affect how your window screens work. Call in the professionals today and get these issues fixed.

Significance of Updating Your Bedroom Windows

Your bedroom has emerged as one of the most significant rooms in your entire home. And, it needs to be a comfortable and warm retreat so that you can enjoy it to the absolute maximum. Therefore, it is imperative to pay close attention to your windows and their design. Professionals available at Emergency Glass Repair Capalaba offer varied designs in windows that will help to turn your bedroom into a chic space for relaxation and comfort that you so deserve. The experts can replace the existing windows with the best available options and take your bedroom design to the next level.

Given below are some reasons that will point out why it is time to change your home’s windows:

1. Energy-saving:

It is worth noting that when you get top quality windows installed, it will make your home more energy-efficient. Subsequently, you will end up saving a significant amount of money thus bringing down your monthly budget. You will get several glazing options to select from, each will help to boost your privacy and security and of course, insulate your house as well. The latest windows can maintain a greater surface temperature on the internal side apart from offering insulated frames. Get in touch with River City Glass, top Brisbane Glass Repair in Capalaba to opt for top quality bedroom windows at cost-effective prices.

2. Aesthetics:

When you have windows facing the streets, they may have a higher impact on the entire appearance of your home. If you are planning to replace a shattered window or old windows, it will definitely enhance the curb appeal of your home.

3. Customization option:

When you decide to choose new windows for your bedroom, you will come across plenty of options. The availability of vast options with Glass Repair Services Brisbane will allow you to choose the right glass that will complement your house. You can also select various styles of windows that will enhance the appearance of your bedroom. The various styles include horizontal slider windows, single & double-hung windows, hopper windows, etc.

4. Weather-resistant:

If you encounter extreme weather conditions, it is important to opt for windows that will offer you top-quality protection. For bedrooms, it is even more significant as this is the place where you can leave all your worries aside to sleep in peace. You must not take weather conditions lightly. Before the onset of extreme weather situations, it is important to look for damages or leaks so that you may upgrade windows in advance.


If you are looking for professional glass experts, fix an appointment with Glass Repair Services in Capalaba at the earliest. Our team has a specialisation in home window repair and glass replacement Capalaba. Apart from offering the above-mentioned qualities, the windows must also offer effective bedroom ventilation to allow breathability. With better ventilation, you may keep moisture and harmful pollutants at bay.

Quick Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger and more Beautiful

Mirrors have emerged as an indispensable part of any home and without them, no home is complete. You can obtain various styles of mirrors from Mirror Installation Brisbane. When you start planning your home renovation/revamp, you need to consider your windows and mirrors. They play a vital role in the major transformation of any home. You only need to spend a small amount of money on mirrors to make your home look bigger.

Here are some vital tips that you must not miss:

1. Hang mirrors at the end of a hallway:

If you have not decorated your galleries and hallways properly, they may appear gloomy, unattractive, and dark. Sometimes, your investment in works of art in a bid to decorate the wall is not sufficient. So, have you considered mirrors? The reflective nature of mirrors means that they can let more light in and make a space appear larger and less boxy. It is best to place a mirror at the end of the hallway as it will not only reflect the light from the surrounding areas but also introduce a passage. Secure glass and mirrors of different shapes and sizes from Shower Screen Replacement Brisbane at competitive prices.

2. Install mirrors behind furniture:

If your living area happens to be small in size, you’re probably keen to utilize it as best you possibly can. The best thing about installing mirrors is that they don’t take up any physical space in the room, and yet they have the power to make the space appear smaller. For instance, when you install a mirror behind the sofa, it can create an illusion of a bigger space. Additionally, it will also enhance the beauty of the area and add a shine to the whole space. You may get in touch with the experts from Window and Door Replacement in Brisbane to purchase a mirror for this area.

3. Let mirror reflect your window:

If you find your room to be dull-looking and inadequately lit, you may install a long mirror that reflects the surrounding window. The idea is to produce sufficient natural light during day time and a spectacular view of the world every time. It is worth noting that mirrors look spectacular when installed just above the dining table. Horizontal mirrors can effectively make the dining space vast.


Get in touch with the renowned team available at Frosted Glass Brisbane for your mirror installation needs and queries.

Things You Need to Know when Cleaning Security Screen Doors

Many houses have an additional door over and above the main doors. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of such security screen doors in Capalaba is to provide additional security. Apart from security, such screen doors might be made of mesh, mainly used to keep out pests even if the main door is open. Because of their nature, security doors might not always have a flat surface. That is why cleaning security doors follows a slightly different procedure in comparison to cleaning regular doors. In this post, we are discussing all the important things you need to know about cleaning security doors.

Why Cleaning Security Screen Doors is Important

Keeping security doors well maintained will ensure that they continue to function properly for years to come. Additionally, a well-maintained security screen will ensure that the main door also works properly and of course is pleasing to the eye. Cleaning Security Doors is just as important as any other maintenance activity in your house.

How often is cleaning recommended?

The first factor that determines the frequency is the general location of your house. If you live in a windy area or near bushland where you might experience more than the usual amount of dust you might need to deep clean once every three months, apart from regular cleaning every month. If your house is located in an area away from the arterial roads, then even a six-month frequency might be enough.

What cleaning materials to be used

If you live in a dusty area or near bushland, then a mild soap solution is usually good enough. The scenario becomes different if your house is in a coastal city as continuous exposure to salt spray and humid winds might make it necessary to use cleansing agents that can neutralize the salts.

The cleaning process in brief

You must start off with a dry cleaning cycle before you wet the security screen. You can use a vacuum cleaner for this, just remember to set it at low power – this way, the screen won’t be damaged. Once the dry cleaning is done, use a solution of mild soap and warm water to deep clean it. Remember to manually dry the screen with a cloth before re-installing it.


Whether it is security screen cleaning or glass windows in Brisbane, our advice remains the same. It is always better to use the services of a reputed firm or an experienced vendor.

Benefits of Installing a Glass Shower Enclosure in Your Bathroom

Installing a glass shower enclosure will help to give your bathroom a chic yet majestic look rather than having to remodel the entire space. Experts available at Glass Replacement Capalaba have achieved the specialization to install a robust glass shower enclosure. They offer aesthetically appealing designs to meet all of your requirements. Of late, glass shower enclosures have emerged as a popular choice among homeowners in a bid to create attractive bathroom interiors. They help in creating a separate bathing space within your bath area and the cubicle works as a partition.

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider when thinking of installing a glass shower enclosure:

1. Low maintenance:

These cubicles require the least maintenance thus saving plenty of your time, money, and energy. They have also turned out to be quite long-lasting and easier to clean as there is a very rare possibility of mould or mildew build-up. It is worth noting that during the installation time, the experts should put a protective coating on the glass as it will help in reducing water and soap scum spots. You can buy top quality glass shower enclosures from experts available at Shower Screen Repairs Brisbane.

2. Make your bathroom appear spacious:

When you have a pint-sized bath area, a glass enclosure is what you need to make it appear bigger. Glass enclosures will help to make your bathroom appear much more spacious and open. Additionally, it will also permit effective airflow when compared to a metal frame shower or conventional curtain. If you desire to install a glass shower enclosure, organise an appointment with professionals available at Glass Replacement Services Brisbane.

3. Safety:

Glass shower enclosures have turned out to be a safer alternative when compared with leaky shower curtains. Shower curtains may cause sudden falls, accidents, and pose a potential safety threat to your life. Meanwhile, glass shower enclosures can effectively reduce the possibilities of any major mishap in your bath area.

4. Enhance value to your home:

When you are planning to sell your property, you may think of replacing the old bathroom enclosure with a new glass enclosure. This will not only increase the curb appeal but enhance the value of your home. When you get an appealing glass enclosure installed, it will make the space more eye-catching for prospective buyers.


You can get a glass shower enclosure installed from the expert team of Shower Screens Capalaba. Yet another advantage of opting for these cubicles is that they are highly customizable which is extremely important when you are trying to revamp your bathroom space.

What to Do When You See Your Windows are Broken

Smashed windows are a common occurrence and there are several causes. The good thing is that you can always get it replaced by contacting a local glass replacement company nearby such as River City Glass – Brisbane’s best. It is crucial to never leave broken glass in its current state. You must always get it fixed at your earliest convenience. Broken glass not only mars the beauty of your home but it may also pose several safety threats.


1. Find out the cause:

Before you proceed to call someone to fix your smashed window, find out the cause. If there was a major storm, you need to find out what other possessions in the room may be at risk. And, if wind and precipitation caused the damage, the problem may be more intense. On the other hand, if the window is cracked due to children playing, the incident may not as risky. You may seek the assistance of Emergency Glass Replacement professionals at River City Glass and get the issue fixed.

2. Cover the affected spot:

You must take immediate steps to cover the affected spot as a temporary fix. If the situation is grave, you may shut the room and ensure not to allow anyone entry until it gets fixed. Once everyone is away, you may start safeguarding the affected window. When glass gets smashed as a result of an impact, the broken pieces may have scattered all over the room. So cover the area adequately to keep everyone safe or try your very best to vacuum every single piece.

3. Contact the experts:

When you spot a broken window, it becomes an obvious step to call the professionals from River City Glass – Emergency Glass Door Repair. The experts will immediately arrive and replace the broken window at the earliest. It will not only offer you peace of mind but enhance your safety as well. In the meantime, don’t forget to call your insurance company to begin a required claim.

4. Remove all stray glass pieces from the spot:

When you are sure that glass repair professionals are coming to fix the glass, you may begin cleaning the area. Do not remove your shoes and make sure that the shoes you choose to wear can withstand parts of the broken glass. Put on your heavy-duty gloves and clear the area. You must also ensure that you are wearing long pants, and a surgical mask for increased protection. You may leave the tough job for experts and take all precautions for everyone around you. You may wrap all broken pieces of glass in paper and keep them in a plastic bag.


You may also keep a temporary covering unless and until the Bathroom Wall Mirrors professionals arrive. If you are thinking of living with an empty frame, it may not be a wise choice – we don’t suggest this. A temporary covering will enhance your safety. It will effectively prevent the entry of pests, intruders, and other unwanted elements into your home.

4 Creative Ideas for Glass in Your Home

Glass can serve a variety of functions. Not only is glass used in glass shelves Brisbanebut glass is also being used as tabletops and frames. In fact, glass can be used almost anywhere for upscaling the aesthetic of your home.

Read further to get some creative ideas on how to use glass in your home:

1. Glass chic view

You may find small glass windows to be dull and boring and may feel the need to replace them with full-sized windows that unveil unrestricted views. Unlike blinds that help you to create a barrier for the natural light, full-size frosted glass windows can let in some sunshine without putting your privacy at stake. It offers openness and curates a perfect dramatic effect to let you laze around with the sunshine kissing your face.

2. Revamping your Interior

Apart from letting that extra portion of sunlight inside your warm and cosy rooms, you can also add some posh ambience by using glass for your home decor. Whether it be your coffee table, frames or glass trays, glass can play the perfect role in revamping your interior and adding more character to home.

3. Flower vases

Gone are the days when vases were restricted to ceramics and clay. Glass vases are classic and sheik; they can serve to be a superb partner for your pretty flowers and can add more charm and extravagance to your fresh flower arrangement.

4. Glass Stair Rail

Glass stair rails have recently emerged as a classy new trend. Rather than wooden or metal star rails, glass offers a clean and crisp alternative.


Glass is extremely versatile, and can be the perfect solution for a variety of things. But of course if you suffer any breakages along the way, get in touch with River City Glass, for top quality Broken Glass Repairs in Brisbane.